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As Donald Trump continues to collect detractors in our government, no one has been more synonymous with the anti-Trump movement than John McCain.

The supposedly republican Senator and war participant has been an extremely vocal critic of the President in recent weeks, famously taking a stand against Trump’s healthcare reform policies with a publicity stunt of a nay vote.  McCain joins the ranks of several other key anti-Trump republicans such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, all of whom seem hellbent on making life difficult for the controversial and unique President.

Now, as John McCain continues to hide behind his military service and his recent cancer diagnosis, Herman Cain has entered they fray to let the world know how he really feels about the right wing traitor.

“Former presidential candidate Herman Cain (R-Ga.) said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is ‘the biggest bozo on Capitol Hill.

“Cain said he respects McCain’s valor in Vietnam  – in which he spent several years in the infamous Hanoi Hilton – but that his legislative service leaves much to be desired.

“‘I respect him for his military service. But, I do not respect him for stabbing the American people in the back [on ObamaCare repeal],’ Cain said.

“McCain cast the deciding vote against the Senate’s final iteration of ObamaCare repeal legislation, tipping the scales for the Democrats.”

This is far from being McCain’s first foray into the world of treachery.

Known for his flip-flopping ways, McCain has built a bit of a reputation for himself in Washington D.C.  Now, as the long-standing Senator from Arizona continues to attack the President and his America First agenda, our nation’s people are losing their patience and their sympathy for the Beltway insider and establishment shill.


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