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UPDATED 9:29 AM PT — Wed. July 11, 2018

North Korea may soon allow the U.S. to resume the search for the remains of thousands of American service members killed in the Korean War.

According to senior U.S. officials, leader Kim Jong Un made the agreement with President Trump during their summit last month.

However, officials say it could be months before excavations can begin and years until the remains are identified.

Workers are seen resting at a construction site on the outskirts of Hamhung, North Korea’s second-largest city, where a rusted but still potentially deadly mortar round was found back in February, 2017.(AP/Photo)

Pyongyang has already sent back the remains of 200 U.S. troops, and the director of a U.S. defense agency said he is hopeful improved relations with North Korea will result in more recoveries.

“President Trump and Chairman Kim made a commitment to recover the remains of U.S. service members in North Korea as well as to repatriate remains that they currently have,” stated Kelly McKeague, Director of U.S. Defense of POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

The remains of nearly 8,000 U.S. troops remain unaccounted for on the Korean peninsula, and 5,300 of those bodies are believed to be located somewhere north of the demilitarized zone.

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