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Breaking News: Fox News Reports the NSA has “Smoking Gun”…

...that shows Obama Spied on Trump Fox News’ James Rosen is reporting today that there may well be a “potential smoking gun” coming soon that PROVES the Obama administration spied on the Trump team and perhaps even the President-elect himself.     GLA...

Canada: Death knell for freedom of speech… House of Commons passes “anti-Islamophobia” motion Imagine if a “right-wing extremist,” say, a white supremacist, had killed three people in London yesterday. Do you think Canada would have today passed a motion condemning a “phobia” of white supremacists?...

Breaking! GOP Healthcare Vote – Cancelled!

The GOP healthcare bill was supposed to be voted on today, but it seems that Republican leaders could not secure enough votes to move their plans forward and so the vote (which was guaranteed by some leaders) has been put off until tomorrow, maybe. From the New...

Outrage! Koch Brothers sabotage Trump healthcare

The billionaire Koch brothers are used to being pandered to by establishment politicians who depend on their donations for reelection. But President Donald Trump isn’t beholden to their donor network — so they’ve got him in their sites. The Koch brothers are...

Sen Schumer Fillibuster – Dont Follow Me with Neuclear Option

With all Democrates pulling away from Judge Gorsuch nomination - Mr. Schumer, who four years ago himself voted to trigger the nuclear option on all other nominees, told Republicans not to follow his lead.  lol Yeah!     GLA NEWS | Shines A light On...

Is China Protecting North Korea Via Threat to the U.S.?

  There has been an unusual flurry of activity between China and the U.S. in recent months, coinciding with an uptick in aggression from North Korea. The Chinese tension arose shortly after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and took a...

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