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Top 10 Editor Pics Below

Top 10 Editor Picks

Report: Justice Kennedy retiring Monday!?

Conservative legal experts in Washington, D.C. are buzzing over the rumor that Justice Anthony Kennedy may be retiring soon.   The Horn News - Insiders say his resignation from the Supreme Court could come as soon as Monday, June 26th — and the prospect of...

Trump’s GENIUS border wall plan (Mexico WILL pay for it!)

For years, politicians have treated hard-working American taxpayers like piggy banks, pulling every last cent they can out of each and every one of us.   by Walter W. Murray - Finally, President Donald Trump is reversing that trend. He announced an ingenious new...

Progressives are Now Officially the “Black Knight”

Once again, in the weeks preceding an election, the wretched little network pundits practiced their Daily Affirmation: I’m going to do a terrific show today. I’m going to help people by telling them how to think and what to believe. I’m smart enough, they’re...

Media Wonders Why Hillary’s Favorables aren’t Rising

Ever wonder what happens to the favorables of a candidate after they lose a presidential election? Gallup has actually tracked those numbers beginning with Bush #41’s loss in 1992. That tracking has found that the favorables of the losing presidential candidate...

What is a “Hero”?

This has been a month of reflecting on our freedoms and how fragile they are. How do we keep them? Where do we start? How do I help? Who can I depend on? With Memorial Day behind us and the 4th of July on the horizon I got to thinking about the great sacrifices...

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