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Top 10 Editor Pics Below

Top 10 Editor Picks

Privacy Issue Going to Supreme Court

Supreme court justices are a big deal. In fact, they may be the very reason Trump was elected. Many people voted for Trump simply because they knew what kind of Justice Hillary would appoint. No matter how you felt about Trump, conservatives knew he would do...

Bill O’Reilly Likes Tax Cuts, Sometimes

I don’t want to kick the man while he’s down, but Bill O’Reilly’s not making much sense when it comes to tax reform. In the second ever episode of his new podcast, O’Reilly opined that while tax cuts are great… businesses shouldn’t get “free rides.” It’s almost...

Breaking: North Korea on the brink of collapse

President Donald Trump has put the hurt on North Korea — but it’s not through bombs or weak talks. It’s by getting international efforts united behind the effort to reign in madman Kim Jong Un. And it’s working so well, North Korea’s economy could be set to collapse...

Trump: I may break up the 9th circuit court

The 9th circuit court has attempted to sabotage Trump at every turn. First with his travel ban and most recently with his pledge to revoke federal funding from sanctuary cities. And now he’s he officially had it.   Horn News - President Donald Trump says he’s...

Trump’s Big Tax Reform Plan

Will the Left hold it hostage? By the comments the Demo's are making its a sure bet... YES By Matthew Vadum - The Trump administration unveiled an ambitious overhaul of federal tax laws yesterday that it is touting as the “largest tax cut for individuals and...

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