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Jimmy Kimmel’s time in the late night circuit has certainly been strange one, with the “comedian’s” affinity for unfunny banter taking center stage.

Kimmel, like so many of his Hollywood acquaintances, has taken a profoundly liberal stance on the social issues that face our nation today.  Rather than using his considerable influence to promote traditional American values, or even a centrist view of modern society, Kimmel has eschewed what little sense of humor he once had in order to lambast President Trump and the republicans who aim to implement his agenda.

Instead of telling jokes during his nightly monologues, Kimmel has been pummeling viewers with drivel the likes of which is usually reserved for young, cool democratic representatives who stand no chance of being elected for a second term.  The late night host’s rants on gun control and healthcare have been particularly blasé, as the former Comedy Central goon simply regurgitates Hillary Clinton campaign talking points with a poorly-acted sense of conviction.

Now, however, Kimmel’s whole schtick is being called into question after reviewing his time on The Man Show, including resurfaced clips of Kimmel denigrating women and using chauvinism to further his career.

“Twitter user Austen Fletcher shared an old clip of Jimmy Kimmel (from The Man Show) playing a game with women on the street where they had to guess what’s in his pants using their hands.

“He suggested one woman ‘use two hands’ and jokingly said ‘maybe it’d be easier if you put your mouth on it.’

“Kimmel asked another woman how old she was, which she said 18.

“’Are you sure?’ Kimmel replied. ‘Because Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.’

“When one of his contestants was aggressively feeling around his pants, he told her ‘You’re gonna make a fine wife.’”

Kimmel has yet to address these overtly sexist pieces of “entertainment” that he was once involved in, but we are likely to hear something along the lines of “it’s a joke” or “I was playing a character” should he decide to feebly defend himself.

Much like Hillary Clinton playing the woman card and then denouncing the women who didn’t vote for her, Kimmel’s hypocrisy is an astounding display of the left’s deceptive practices.  Where Jimmy Kimmel has become the de facto “social justice warrior” of late night television, the behavior he once displayed affected and encouraged a younger generation of Comedy Central viewers to treat women as objects and otherwise exert male dominance in a society built on the tenets of freedom and equality.

Spare us the lectures, Jimmy.  You tossed aside your dignity for either fame or money, and that does not make for an effective advocate of anyone’s rights.

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