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Editors Note: Besides being gross viewing, I wanted to point out just how EVIL LOOKS and SOUNDS. A hoard of vile impudent godless spirits, fallen angel off springs held in the lower spirit realms away from God. Never recorded in the book of life and destined to hell.  Enveloped that crowd through the crowd open minds and feasted upon the hate and enmity that the crowd did not even recognize was being produced. In one heart beat if the person being ravaged was a friend, brother, sister, mother or father of the victim, the mind of the viewer would have slammed shut and the true nature of the God given soul apart from the evil spirits  would have shown through. Only Satan and his minion could design such a heinous hate machine.  ISLAM is the hate machine designed to bring people's mind to the edge.

Powerful individuals around the world of immense wealth and power are attacking our CHRISTIAN way of life.  CHAOS is their tool. Their goal is a New World Order lead by the evil one and his minion. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. JOIN US Stay Informed: GODS LITTLE ARMY aka GLA...



Sawing off the head off from behind the neck instead of starting with the throat seems to get the job done quickly and more efficiently than ever before, as the crowd of appreciative onlookers shouts and cheers. See the latest uncensored video from ISIS:


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