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Editors Note:"Police said today, in fresh tensions as the country braces to host 800,000 MUSLIM freeloaders, jihadists and rapists this year." BNIgerman-muslims   

BNI – At least 15 Muslim thugs were injured in an all out brawl at an illegal alien shelter in central Germany over a torn quran by an Aghani illegal,   Around 100 illegals took part in the riot at the shelter in Thüringen, previously criticized (by leftist sympathizers) for overcrowding.


Malaysian Insider  Violence erupted after about 20 refugees in the overcrowded shelter went in pursuit of another resident yesterday, accusing him of ripping pages out of a Quran, local police said.

The man was eventually saved by the shelter’s guards as well as police, prompting the mob to turn their anger on the security forces. About 50 people armed with steel rods began throwing stones at the officers, leaving at least 10 people injured, including three police.

MUSLIMS destroyed windows of registration center for refugees in Suhl

Windows were smashed, furniture flung out of windows and even dividing walls in the shelter hacked down in the rampage that lasted several hours in the town of Suhl in Thuringia.

Germany is struggling to accommodate a wave of invaders from war zones such as Syria but also economic parasite wannabes from countries that are not at war like Albania and Kosovo. It was not immediately clear where the victim and his assailants were from.

Muslims whine over torn quran

The sudden surge in asylum demands this year has left authorities scrambling to house the Muslim illegals, with schools and tents used as temporary shelter.

Local officials have repeatedly raised concerns of overcrowding, saying that they were unable to cope with the accelerating demand. The illegal alien home in Suhl has a capacity for 1,200 people but is currently hosting 1,700.

MUSLIMS destroy office at refugee center

The state premier for Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, told public broadcaster MDR that different ethnic groups should be separated in refugee homes in order to prevent such violence from erupting.

But the authorities were hamstrung by a lack of available shelter, he added. “We need to expand our capacity urgently,” Ramelow stressed. (No, you need to stop them from coming in)

Berlin now expects to receive up 800,000 asylum-seekers this year – four times more than in 2014 – as the latest figures show numbers accelerating dramatically.


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