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10:17 PM 01/13/2019 | Entertainment

David Hookstead | Reporter

The first real trailer for the eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” was released Sunday night.

Prior to the season three premiere of “True Detective” on HBO, fans of the hit show were treated to a trailer for ‘GoT‘ called “Crypts of Winterfell.”

The roughly minute and a half trailer shows viewers several Stark family members, both living and dead, as Jon Snow leads the way through a crypt. (RELATED: A New Study Predicts Who Will Die In Final ‘Game Of Thrones‘ Season. It Could Be A Bloodbath)

It will give viewers of the show around the world chills. You can watch it below.

Let’s go! I’m all in. Those three in that trailer looked liked an unstoppable trio. The preview also revealed that the show would return April 14.

That’s right after March Madness wraps up. That sounds like something I can get behind.

Would I like it to be sooner? Sure, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m just desperate for new content at this point.

April 14 is going to be one hell of a great day. Let’s get after it!

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