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The biggest news from Congressman Jason Chaffetz on Thursday had to do with his retirement from Congress. However, he also made a pretty big splash when he mocked the Democrats attack on President Trump and their calls for a “special prosecutor.” Chaffetz appeared on Fox News Wednesday evening with Tucker Carlson to talk about the decision to name former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a “special investigator” into the Russia meddling investigation.

Chaffetz praised the Justice Department for choosing Mueller who is “as good as it gets” when it comes to possible selections for the job. “His credentials are impeccable. He served in the Bush administration, the Obama administration. He is unassailable in terms of his credentials, his background. He’s in the latter part of his career, he had nothing to prove. He’s been silent politically. It doesn’t get any better than Robert Mueller.”

But Chaffetz doesn’t understand the need for a “special investigator” or a “special prosecutor.” Both chambers of Congress and the FBI continue to investigate the Russia meddling allegations, so adding another investigator to that doesn’t really make any sense. Also, Chaffetz points out that there is no evidence that any crime has been committed so there is no reason to appoint a “special prosecutor” either.

“Look, I have not seen any evidence of actual collusion. Where is the actual crime that they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute? I just — I haven’t seen that. There has been a lot of flailing but that flailing started before January 20.”

Chaffetz also worried that the “investigation” doesn’t actually seem to have a focus, yet.

“Is it about, number one, it appears to be about Russian influence on the election. And then, was there any collusion? But does that seep out, and at what point does that let off? I physically don’t know exactly where those lanes are.”

Finally, Chaffetz argued that Democrats are only pushing for a special investigator because they need to keep distracting the American public from the truth. The truth is that the Democrat Party has no new ideas, has no real leaders, and has no idea how to reconnect with the American people. So instead, they continue to attack the President with the hope that they can distract the American people long enough to win another election.

“What I worry is that the Democrats are going to politically exploit this on a daily drumbeat, making up theories, making up stories, trying to get somebody to grab onto a piece of meat and say, ‘Oh, this is true.’ They have no ideas. They have no policies and so it’s their scorched earth mentality and approach to just say burn it to the ground.”

Chaffetz also told Carlson that he would be happy to pursue an investigation against President Trump… if there was any evidence that he’d done something wrong. But there isn’t!

“If you even try to go an inch deep into what sort of evidence they have, they got nothing.”



Chaffetz also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning on Thursday, where he once again praised Mueller and hoped that the special investigator would be able to wrap up this investigation in a quick and efficient manner.


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