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For as long as any of us can remember, Hollywood has been a cesspool of liberal filth and sexual improprieties aimed at provocation over poise.

The film industry itself is absolutely dominated by left-leaning actors and directed who, more often than not, intertwine their own liberal beliefs into nearly everything that they produce.  Furthermore, Hollywood’s constant cycling of ideas has led to an inherent progressivism in Tinseltown that pits personalities against one another in a contest to see who is the most “current” on liberal logic.  The film industry has realized that they need millennial money to stay afloat, and the best way to capture those marketing dollars is by appealing to whatever social issues are the Cause Du Jour in leftist America.

One realm in which Hollywood hasn’t aged well, however, has been the rampant, hidden misogyny of its upper echelon.

While much of the discussion this week has been revolving around a long-known, poorly kept secret involving Hollywood executive and producer Harvey Weinstein’s disturbing exploits, allegations are pouring in from all corners of the film industry as the abused are finally feeling secure in stepping forward.

Next in the crosshairs is Ben Affleck; a Harvey Weinstein pal who is now at the center of at least two scandals involving sexual misconduct.

“Hollywood’s greatest fear is now coming true. The Daily Mail reports that Harvey Weinstein protégé Ben Affleck is facing the accusation that he groped actress Hilarie Burton in 2003 when she was just 21 years-old.

“This is Hollywood’s greatest fear realized, the fear that the floodgates against others will open up and every alleged harasser will be dragged kicking and screaming into the sunlight. Affleck is a major player; an Oscar-winning director and Warner Brothers’ Batman, a hugely expensive franchise. He is also a high-profile Democrats, just like Harvey.

“This is already the biggest scandal in Hollywood’s long, sordid history, Second place is not even close. But if even more women are now encouraged to come forward against other big names, the entire industry could be damaged beyond comprehension.”

Affleck’s tune has changed swiftly as the allegations against him pile up, revealing an uneasy confirmation of his actions.

Where the current Batman actor had earlier told Twitter fans that he was “angry” about the allegations, Affleck has now backtracked into an apology for his actions.  Certainly his time coming up under the previously impervious Harvey Weinstein had taught Ben a lesson in “getting away with it” in Hollywood.  With his mentor on the fast track to handcuffs, however, Affleck may have to carry this upcoming project on his own.


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