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January 12, 2018
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Less than a year after a revenge porn scandal hit the U.S. Marine Corps, computers registered to the federal government are allegedly being used to swap illegal nude photographs.

While U.S. senators have been pushing for a bill to combat unauthorized sharing of a person’s intimate photos, some senators may have been pushing send on the forums that host them.

According to information shared with the Daily Beast, IP addresses associated with the federal government have been traced to a forum known as Anon-IB.

Logo of the photo-sharing forum. (Nairalaw/Photo)

The forum serves as a medium for users to trade nude photographs of others like baseball cards, without the subject’s consent.

In 2017 an investigation on the Marine Corps began after a group of male Marines was discovered swapping photos of their female peers online.

New data indicates computers tied to the Navy, Senate, Department of Energy, and the Executive Office of the President may be tied to Anon-IB accounts.

As recently as November, an IP address registered to the U.S. Senate was used to comment on a photo of a D.C. woman requesting Anon-IB users find and post nude photos of her.

Victims of the website’s practices have begun to speak out publicly.

“The photos that are on there from five or six years ago were not posed, they weren’t meant for the internet, and they were meant for somebody who I thought I trusted,” said one victim.

Posting of such photos has been made illegal by both the Navy and the Marine Corps, as well as in 35 states which includes D.C.

The potential Senate bill regarding the matter has garnered support from Facebook and Twitter.

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