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No Surprise Here: London Attack Carried Out by Radical Islam

  The antiquated ethos of political correctness prevented the media from stating the obvious in the wake of yesterday’s terror attack in Great Britain. CNN went so far as to label the attack a “firearms incident”, even though the attacker...

Starbucks to conservatives: Please come back

For years, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has thumbed his nose at conservatives – and it has hurt sales. Now Schultz is on his way out the door, and the company wants conservatives to come back. After five straight quarters of decreased sales, Schultz is leaving...

Washington Post BUSTED pushing “fake news”

The Washington Post has been busted reported fake news once again – but this time they are attacking our nation’s heroes. An article published Wednesday with the headline, “A congressional bill could allow veterans deemed mentally incompetent to own guns,”...

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