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Democratic Senator Al Franken has been thoroughly exposed as a perverse pig, and that isn’t sitting well with his liberal cohorts in congress and beyond.

Franken, who once made a living as a bizarre character actor on the ultraliberal television variety show Saturday Night Live, has recently been outed as a sleaze ball of the highest order by none other than journalist Leann Tweeden.  She and Franken were both working on a USO tour in the 1990’s when Franken was photographed groping the sleeping Tweeden’s breasts, while simultaneously attempting to write a stage skit in which the Democratic Senator would then share a kiss with the young lady.  When Tweeden objected, Franken assaulted her anyway, further cementing his reputation as a full fledged creep.

In the wake of Leann Tweeden’s revelations, a number of other women have come forward to share their stories of harassment at the hands of Senator Franken, who himself has been defiant throughout all of this by attempting to hide behind the clown makeup that he selectively wears as a “comedian” and politician.

Now, democrats in Washington have had enough, and they believe it is time for Franken to go.

“Eighteen Democratic senators and the DNC chief urged Sen. Al Frankento resign Wednesday following the latest sexual misconduct allegation against him.

“After the resignation calls, Franken’s office said the senator would make an ‘announcement’ on Thursday. It didn’t elaborate.

“Earlier Wednesday, Politico reported that a former Democratic congressional aide is accusing the Minnesota Democrat of forcibly trying to kiss her 11 years ago,adding to a string of allegations against him.

“In a statement before the calls for his resignation started, Franken denied the latest accusation against him.

“In a succession of statements Wednesday, 18 of Franken’s Senate Democratic colleagues — nearly a third of the party’s caucus — pushed for him to step down. Among them were Dick Durbin of Illinois and Patty Murray of Washington, the second and third-ranking Senate Democrats, respectively.”

Franken’s forthcoming announcement will not be considered closure for any of these women without a full resignation from Congress.  The idea that Franken may try to skate with a “sabbatical” or a stint in “rehab” just simply won’t do in this day and age.

Just yesterday, Rep. John Conyers, a fellow democrat to Franken, finally resigned amid a multitude of horrific accusations made against him during his lengthy career in leftist politics.  Much like Franken, Conyers had been implored by a number of prominent liberals, including Nancy Pelosi, to step aside.

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