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The world at large is finally beginning to realize that Silicon Valley and their tech behemoths are accumulating some terrifying statistics.

Given the massive divide between the mainstream, infected establishment media and the true free press of the right wing, there are serious concerns over the power that social media companies and search engines are hoarding.  We needn’t look any further than Facebook’s nonchalant culling of conservative news sources from their “trending topics” section to understand how potential fascism has begun to raise its ugly head in the modern media landscape.

Google, a company far larger and more powerful than even Facebook is, has also been eyed as a possible conspirator in the war on American patriotism through their manipulation of search results, trending discrepancies, auto-fill censorship, and overall berth of bandwidth.  These concerns have been present for some time, but now the Missouri Attorney General is ready to ask the tough questions. 

“Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s office on Monday issued a subpoena to Google as part of an investigation into whether the tech giant is violating Missouri’s consumer protection and anti-trust laws.

“The investigation delves into Google’s collection of data on users and whether Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has manipulated search results at the expense of competitors, according to a release from Hawley’s office.

“’When a company has access to as much consumer information as Google does, it’s my duty to ensure they are using it appropriately,’ said Hawley, a Republican who is mounting a campaign for U.S. Senate. ‘I will not let Missouri consumers and businesses be exploited by industry giants.’

“Hawley’s investigation also will look at whether Google has misappropriated content from competitors. Yelp wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission in September contending that Google has violated a 2012 settlement by allegedly scraping photos from Yelp reviews for its own search results.

“’There is strong reason to believe that Google has not been acting with the best interest of Missourians in mind,’ Hawley said in a statement. ‘My Office will not stand by and let private consumer information be jeopardized by industry giants, especially to pad their profits.’”

Google’s incredibly worrisome size and power have been concerning for some time, as the internet giant continues to gather data from Americans via web searches, internet browsers, and Google Home – a device that is essentially a self-inflicted wiretap in your home that allows Google to sell your search queries to advertisers.


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