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The brilliant liberal legal mind, Jonathan Turley, must be getting tired of defending Republicans against his fellow Democrats, but on the rule of law it seems that he’s continually forced to step in and explain reality.

And the reality is that the Obama administration did a lot of illegal, unconstitutional stuff during their eight years in office. The reality also is, that much of what President Trump has done to unravel that misbehavior has been completely legal and is more in keeping with the Constitution than anything the Obama team ever did.

Thus saith law professor, and former leftwing favorite, Jonathan Turley.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, Turley was asked why Obama and the Democrats were wrong to be so upset with Trump’s decision to end the Obamacare susbsidies.

Turley explains that Obama’s original Obamacare subsidies rules were completely unconstitutional, and so President Trump was simply doing what he had to do and returning the government back to its constitutionally designed roles.

Bret Baier: Can the president stop Obamacare subsidies? … You’re also the lead counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives in the challenge to the actions by the Obama administration to set up these subsidies in a court case that ended in victory. So, this is a Constitutional move.

Jonathan Turley: The original order that has just been rescinded was unconstitutional by finding of a federal court. The court found it not only violated Article One of the Constitution, it violated the health care law itself. Because Congress had the ability to grant subsidies under the federal law but it chosen not to. In fact, the administration had come to Congress and asked for this money and Congress said no. And then the president say alright, I’ll just order it directly from the Treasury. Well, you can’t do that. The defining power of Congress is the power of the purse. And the federal judge issued a historic ruling and said this is wrong, you can’t violate the Constitution no matter what your motivations are, no matter what you’re complaining about with Congress, you have to play within the rules of the Constitution.


Turley is simply being intellectually honest and holding the Obama administration to the same standard he holds Republicans to. Sadly, the left would rather not be constrained by the Constitution, if it means they get to do what they want to do. Hopefully, the President continues to defend the Constitution and undoing the unconstitutional mess that President Obama made.

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