House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has named Eric Swalwell to be one of nine impeachment managers against President Trump. The news comes as a surprise considering Swalwell is on the heels of his own scandal after being linked to suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang. Swalwell has opposed President Trump throughout his presidency being one of many Democrats to continually tout unsubstantiated claims of Russian collusion with the President.

Swalwell has been calling for Trump’s impeachment from the beginning but those calls got louder last week in the wake of the violent events at the Capitol which led to five deaths. Since last week Swalwell has pointed fingers at Republican Senators Cruz and Hawley for helping incite the so-call coup.

The California Congressman tweeted that he is “honored” to be selected as an impeachment manager.

Pelosi also named other prominent Trump hater Rep. Jamie Raskin as the lead impeachment manager alongside Democrat Reps. Ted Lieu and Joaquin Castro.

Nancy Pelosi has named Democrat Representative as Impeachment managers against President Trump. The list of names differed from her choices during the last round of Impeachment proceedings. During the last Impeachment, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff was the lead Impeachment manager but will not serve on the panel now. Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler was part of the last Impeachment effort but also will not serve as an Impeachment manager during this year’s proceedings.

These are her choices:

Colorado Representative Diana DeGette

Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline

Colorado Representative Joe Neguse

Pennsylvania Representative Madeleine Dean

Virgin Islands Delegate Stacey Plaskett

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