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Welcome to the future of artificial intelligence.

On Sept. 17, at least 20 self-driving Cruise robo-taxis caused traffic mayhem on a street in downtown Austin, Texas. 

It is currently unknown what caused the gridlock, but Yahoo News quoted a Cruise spokesperson who said the robo-taxis “had trouble navigating due to heavy foot and vehicle traffic in the area.” 

One X user speculated, “Nothing says Hacked, like a dozen AI robots, all going to the same place at the same time, for no particular reason…….” 

“I suspect there are shenanigans here. A traffic cone can block autominus cars long enough to cause a pile up of multiple cars and the man made traffic jam is what we are seeing. Some may want to give this tech a bad reputation. Or having fun on a slow night,” another X user said. 

In recent months, anti-AI groups have unleashed ‘coning’ attacks on self-driving cars. We noted weeks ago, “AI Crusades Have Begun” against robo-taxis. 



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