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Agenda includes taking children away from their own homes

(Photo by Alina Matveycheva on Pexels)

A new report at The Federalist is warning that an agency that “accredits” centers that “advocate” for children is joining the Joe Biden administration in a scheme to push kids into the transgender ideologies.

That’s been one of Biden’s main agenda points for his administration.

The report explains it is the National Children’s Alliance that now is working to assemble a “gender-affirming” monopoly over official child abuse proceedings “in every state.”

The report said a recent attempt in Virginia to give the NCA “sole statutory control over the accreditation” of those centers has brought to light similar schemes in other states.

At issue is so-called “gender-affirming” treatments that often include giving chemicals to children, then offering them body-mutilating surgeries under the guise of changing their gender from male to female or vice versa, a process that scientifically is impossible as being male or female is embedded in the body down to the DNA level.

Britain recently has moved against the agenda with the Cass Review, which “comprehensively details the paucity of evidence and the risks of harm,” the report said.

NCA chief Teresa Huizar, however, has made the extreme claim that “denying trans children the right to determine their own identity kills them.”

The campaign aligns with Joe Biden’s LGBT-promoting “certification” plan for the nation’s foster care system, which until now has relied heavily on prospective foster and adoptive parents who frequently are on the reality-affirming side of the dispute, the report said. Biden’s plan would exclude all of those who dedicate their time to helping needy children, but decline to adopt the transgender belief system.

“Both the NCA and the Biden ‘accreditation’ processes put vulnerable children at risk from misguided personnel convinced that ‘misgendering’ is abuse,” the report charged. “Children have been wrongfully removed from loving families, while children already in state care have been denied foster and adoptive homes, facing harm from state-sanctioned medical transition instead.”

The report noted that already children in Virginia, California, Indiana and Montana have been taken from their parents by “state systems whose mission to protect children has been hijacked by gender ideologues.”

“Children have been taken from parents for medicalization and removed into state systems where the risk of actual abuse skyrockets,” the report said.

Those biased processes, Democrats insist, must be institutionalized so that all child protection centers and agencies, all child care workers, all judicial proceedings involving child care, are pursuing the same political agenda.

The Federalist report said, “Child advocacy centers provide essential care to victims of child abuse through private-public, multi-disciplinary centers. Services range from ‘forensic interviews’ establishing abuse to case management and referrals for mental health and medical treatment. As the primary membership association for CACs, NCA offers accreditation, training, case management software, and other resources.”

But in recent proposals, the fine print reveals that states were being asked to give NCA “sole control” over accreditation, which means child centers must comply with its ideologies or they would be deprived of official recognition in the industry, and not even permitted to help children.

NCA boasts that dozens of states already have adopted “defining” legislation and more plans are in the works, which, the report charged, “departs sharply from evidence.”

Huizar actually recommends a “resource” that directs parents to “believe and validate” and “affirm” whatever “identities” are claimed by a child.

Actually, doing just that often triggers complex psychiatric comorbidities, trauma, gender dysphoria and the like, which makes problems for children worse, the report noted.

The report also cited the influence of World Professional Association for Transgender Health, which worked “in official collaboration with pedophilic eunuch fetishists” in developing its standards.

“WPATH legitimized ‘eunuch’ as an identity, justifying ‘nullification’ surgery (removal of genitals). One WPATH ‘expert’ curates sadistic child pornographic literature online and publishes ‘research’ on male fantasies of castrating, raping, and murdering boys” the report cited.

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