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His eldest son Alexander is running the anti-America show now and there are three other Soros sons to back him up.


FYI: Alexander contacted me thru BNI last year, insisting that I take down a reader comment which revealed his father’s home address in Westchester, NY. I complied, not wanting to be sued by this billionaire family. –BNI
George Soros and son Alexander
YNet News Not only is Alexander running the day to activities of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations around the world, he is in bed with a lot of Democrats, and funding their activities, just as his old man did.

Below are photos of Alexander Soros with leading Democrats
The Hungarian born business magnate and philanthropist is loathed by many around the world. He is hated for the causes he supports, he is hated for his opinions, he is hated because of his money, he is hated for being Jewish—and he is hated even more by Jews in Israel too.
Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF), an international grantmaking network founded by George, has donated $14 billion so far to different globalist programs and individuals in 43 countries. It’s the second largest family foundation in the world (the largest is Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates’ foundation) and the largest political foundation. It grants a total of $1 billion a year. The only Jewish organizations he tends to support are violent anti-Israel Jewish organization like Jewish Voice for Peace.

Alex, 32, is Soros’ son from his second marriage to American historian Susan Weber. George serves as OSF’s chairman and Alex is vice chairman.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban based his last election campaign on huge posters featuring George Soros’ laughing face, accusing him of being part of a dark plot to destroy Christian Hungary.

A parliament member representing Poland’s ruling party referred to Soros as “the most dangerous person in the world.”
Sen. Chuck Schumer
Right-wing politicians in Europe have called for a global “de-Sorosization.” OSF’s activity has been banned in Russia. A hate campaign was launched against the foundation in Italy over its support for illegal alien Muslim invaders, an emotionally-charged issue in the country.

Soros is described as a monster in Romania, Macedonia, Croatia and Belarus, Israel, as well as in America.
In Israel, Knesset Member Miki Zohar (Likud) came up with the “Soros law,” aimed at terminating the foundation’s activity, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Soros as an enemy of Israel, and the prime minister’s son posted a sickening anti-Semitic cartoon starring Soros on his Facebook page.

In the 2008 presidential election, Soros donated a large sum to Barack Obama. He favored him over Hillary Clinton. In the 2016 election, he was one of Clinton’s biggest donors. The money was donated from his personal fortune, not from the foundation’s coffer.
Hillary Clinton
“My father is completely different from the image people have of him,” Alex said. “They think he’s an insensitive, solemn person, who analyzes everything rationally. I know a different Soros. He’s much more sentimental than people think. The experience that led him to philanthropy was his life as a teenager during the Holocaust (see video below). The war in the Balkans reminded him of his days during the war.”

You have helped fund organizations like the virulently anti-Israel J Street, which worked in America for the approval of the nuclear agreement with Iran, I said. “Yes,” he replied, “we have helped organizations that worked for the agreement’s approval. What’s wrong with that?

Rep.. Adam Schiff
NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio
Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Itai Reuveni from NGO Monitor, who studied you thoroughly. He says the big problem in investigating your foundation’s activity in Israel is lack of transparency. Some of the NGOs enjoying your funds support the BDS movement. “I believe the occupation is bad, but we can’t hold every Israeli accountable for the occupation.”

Below is the 60 Minutes interview in which George Soros describes his experiences at age 14 with his Jewish identity hidden in Nazi Germany, where he helped to confiscate property from other Jews. In tapes and video here Soros describes this as “one of the happiest times” of his life… “a very happy making exhilarating experience…”

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