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They also believe campaign was a ‘hit’ on Trump


Nearly six in 10 Americans responding to a new poll want those inside the FBI who promoted the false “Russiagate” claims against Donald Trump prosecuted for their crimes.

The conspiracy theory was developed as Trump ran for president in 2016.

It originated with the Hillary Clinton campaign, but even the White House was briefed on her scheme to distract voters from her own scandal over putting classified government secrets on an unsecured email server by falsely claiming Trump was linked to Moscow. The FBI and DOJ joined in the Democrat’s agenda.

But Special Counsel John Durham, after a years-long investigation, concluded it all was based on “no evidence.”

Paul Bedard wrote in his column at the Washington Examiner it was a “potential boon” for Trump’s 2024 president bid that “a majority of Americans not only believe he was the target of the so-called ‘Russiagate’ affair but want FBI officials involved prosecuted.”

He cited Rasmussen Reports, which said 63% believe Trump was the target of the Clinton campaign “hit.”

Bedard reported, “Trump has long said that his presidency would have been better had he not been dogged by the charges, fueled by an anti-Trump media. In the report, Durham raised serious questions about FBI operations and coordination with the Clinton team to hurt Trump.”

So now Americans want “revenge,” he said.

“Rasmussen said that 59% of likely voters want those inside the FBI who promoted the false Trump claims in the scandal ‘criminally prosecuted,'” Bedard reported.

“George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley called the Russian collusion charge against Trump ‘a well-orchestrated hit job by the Clinton campaign and government officials.’ The survey used that language to ask Americans what they thought,” he reported.

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