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Right-wing Austrian political party FPÖ wants to appoint a ‘Remigration Commissioner’ who will oversee the deportation of illegal immigrants.

The Freedom Party of Austria won the EU elections after obtaining 25.4 per cent of the vote and gaining 3 seats, marking the first time that the FPÖ has emerged as the strongest political party in the country.

When asked why they were voting for FPÖ, 62% of FPO supporters stated that they “wanted to make a statement on domestic policy.”

That includes addressing Austria’s problem with illegal immigration, which authorities have taken a tougher stance on over the last year.

Now the Freedom Party is demanding the right to appoint MP Dr. Susanne Fürst to take the role of ‘remigration commissioner’ in order to accelerate the deportation of criminal migrants.

“As the no. 1 party in Austria, the FPÖ is doubling down on remigrating potentially millions of migrants across the EU,” reports Remix News.

According to a report by Vindobona, any attempt to appoint Fürst as ‘Remigration Commissioner “will certainly lead to heated discussions.”

“The decision on the successor to Johannes Hahn as Austrian EU Commissioner lies with the federal government and must be confirmed by the main committee of the National Council. However, there is disagreement within the turquoise-green coalition. The Greens refused to stick to the original agreement with the ÖVP, which gave the People’s Party the right to propose the Austrian EU Commissioner,” reports the news outlet.

Back in April, Freedom Party MEP Harald Vilimsky warned that Europe risks becoming “a second Arabia or Africa” and that governments are importing migrants who create security problems then offering ‘solutions’ that only punish native populations.

“We do not want the name Mohammed to become the most popular name for male newborns in our great countries, as is the case in Brussels, where the EU parliament is located,” said Vilimsky.

Like every other western European country, Austria has a legacy of horror stories linked to mass migration, including an outrage we highlighted earlier this year when a 14-year-old schoolgirl’s dead body was found in the apartment of an Afghan migrant who entered Austria during 2015 refugee.

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