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1 poll shows 6% jump in support for GOP candidate

President-elect Donald Trump walks to take his seat for the inaugural swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Friday, January 20, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Joe Biden and other Democrats, in terror that President Donald Trump will win the White House in November, have launched a long list of lawfare cases against him, including one that resulted in a guilty verdict to 34 counts of business records misstatements on Thursday.

But it is looking like their scheming has backfired, as one quick poll shows a 6% jump in support for Trump.

The Daily Mail was reporting, “Teflon Don rides again, according to an exclusive snap poll for which found that the guilty verdict in Manhattan only improved the former president’s standing with likely voters ahead of the 2024 election.

“Of those who said the 34 guilty counts had changed their view of Donald Trump, 22 percent said they now had a more favorable rating compared with 16 percent who said they viewed him more negatively.”

The publication’s conclusion? “In a tight election, it could be enough to get him across the finish line.”

The poll was done within hours after the verdict by a leftist jury following the instructions of a judge with multiple appearances of an anti-Trump bias in a case brought by a Democrat who wanted to “get” Trump even as he was running for office.

It surveyed 400 likely voters.

RedVoiceMedia reported on the opinion of Scott Jennings, a political analyst on CNN, who said the verdict could backfire, and “energize his base and attract undecided voters who view the legal actions against him as politically motivated.”

A commentary at RedState suggested the Democrats’ weaponization of the judicial system means that “none of us is safe, that that great principle which has made us special as a nation – equality under the law – died more than a little on Thursday.’

Legal analyst Jonathan Turley noted, “I obviously disagree with this verdict as do many others. I believe that the case will be reversed eventually either in the state or federal systems. However, this was the worst expectation for a trial in Manhattan. I am saddened by the result more for the New York legal system than the former president. I had hoped that the jurors might redeem the integrity of a system that has been used for political purposes.”

At ZeroHedge was a report in which minorities, long dedicated to the Democrat party, were announcing their defection to Trump.

It cited the decision from Wender Angeles, who arrived in the United States from Peru in 2006.

He registered as a Democrat to begin. And voted for Barack Obama.

But he said things changed.

“Later on, I was like, oh wait, this is not what I believe. But at the beginning, I was basically surrounded by Democrats,” Angeles told The Epoch Times. “The Republican Party is more conservative. I am like that. I am a very traditional person. My wife and I, we basically are God’s people.”

The report said, “An April poll from The Wall Street Journal shows that 30 percent of black men in battleground states intend to vote for former President Donald Trump. Hispanic voters who lean Republican are approaching parity with those who lean Democrat.”

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