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Plans to open up class materials to parents

Britain’s new prime minister says children should be getting only “age-appropriate” sex education.

Bob Unruh By Bob Unruh

A report from the Christian Institute explains that Rishi Sunak intends to strengthen the guidance on Relationships and Sex Education “to ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate materials.”

The Daily Telegraph had confirmed that Sunak also wants “to allow parents to view RSE content, including resources provided by outside organizations.”

And he’s suggesting a review of the Equality Act 2010 “to emphasize that the protected characteristic of sex refers to biological sex,” not gender.

The institute reported, “This would clarify that single-sex spaces would be protected and that men cannot compete in women’s sports.”

Details about school agendas have, in the past, been kept secret – even from parents. Just weeks ago, the report said, there was a ruling that parents of children at Hatcham College were not allowed to see lesson slides from the School of Sexuality Education, over issues of “intellectual property.”

That appeared to conflict with Department of Education guidance which states now that schools “should ensure that parents know what will be taught and when…”

It states, “Parents should be given every opportunity to understand the purpose and content of Relationships Education and RSE. Good communication and opportunities for parents to understand and ask questions about the school’s approach help increase confidence in the curriculum.”

The Telegraph reported the issue arose at least partly because of concerns over the “third-party companies” that are exposing school kids to “explicit content.”

The report said the move “comes amid concerns that some schools are contracting sex education out to third-party companies which are exposing youngsters to explicit content and contentious ideas about gender.”

It said in a recent dispute, parents were not allowed to see the content of lessons that “urged children to become transgender allies.”

“In another instance, a controversial sex education course that taught children as young as six about touching their own genitals was pulled by a council following a backlash,” the report said.


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