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K-Pop superstars BTS don't just have fans. They have an army. And when BTS member Min Yoon-gi (AKA Suga) tweeted a mysterious photo at Ed Sheeran, that army couldn't stay calm.  Despite Ed Sheeran not being on twitter (his profile is still up, but has been inactive since 2017), Suga tagged him in a tweet featuring a photo of a screen showing a waveform diagram of a song.  SEE ALSO: The nostalgic power of Korean dramas — and why you should start binging right now "hmm… this is for you @
edsheeran #
SUGA," Suga wrote in the caption. The tweet currently has 355K retweets and 906K likes.  hmm… this is for you @edsheeran #SUGA — 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) December 5, 2018 If you look closely on the screen, you can see that the project file depicted is saved as "Ed Sheeran ST rough," probably meaning the rough cut of a song.  Image: twitter/@bts_twtNeedless to say, fans were pretty enticed by this very mysterious, teasing tweet. Mood after seeing this: — j i n n i e (@xdaddyoongi_) December 6, 2018 SAME ENERGY — moonchild???????????? (@CookieDoKooK_) December 5, 2018 what — ᎡᎪY #I_dream (@Neonixio) December 5, 2018 Two of my fav artists are collabing!?!?!??! — fluffyminnie (@Bangtwice_Merry) December 5, 2018 OMG, I'M DYING. — CarolineHerros10. (@Carolin64571211) December 5, 2018 BTS has previously broken world records for Twitter engagements for a music group. The boyband's tweets have an average of 252,200 retweets, while the rest of us out here are happy when our number of retweets reaches double digits. If this collab is in fact happening, it's bound to break the internet. Or at least break Spotify. WATCH: South Korea's body painting festival takes fantasy to a new level

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