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Democrats in Wethersfield, Connecticut refused to fly the ‘thin blue line’ flag in remembrance of a state trooper who was killed while on duty, instead insisting that flying an LGBTQ ‘pride’ flag at half staff was enough of an honor.

Yes, really.

Trooper Aaron Pelletier was killed while conducting a routine traffic stop, with one Alex Oyola-Sanchez arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Police said Oyola-Sanchez was under the influence of several types of drugs when he drove into Pelletier, his squad car and the vehicle he had pulled over.

The trooper died from fatal injuries at the scene. Oyola-Sanchez Drove off but was later apprehended.

Democrat council members voted down a motion to fly the thin blue line flag in the trooper’s honor.

Emily Zambrello, one of those members, told reporters that the decision was taken because the flag represents “racism and antagonism.”

Zambrello further claimed that a compromise had been made by having the LGBTQ pride flag “already up at half staff in honor of [Pelletier’s] passing.”

Absolutely incredible.

Compare this pathetic ‘Pride’ gathering to the way the State Troopers honored Pelleteir:

Connecticut GOP chairman Ben Proto slammed Democrats for failing to properly honor the fallen trooper.

This epitomises the utter state of towns and cities under Democrat control.

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