The criminal FDA today gave an emergency use authorization for the deadly new Bivalent COVID shots for babies as young as 6 months old. There were no advisory committee meetings to discuss this, just a review of the documentation provided by the companies who supply the shots, Pfizer and Moderna.

by Brian Shilhavy

We can trust them, right?

Just a reminder, these Bivalent shots were just authorized last September, and it was the first time in history that the FDA authorized a “vaccine” without any completed testing done on humans.

All three drug companies that have EUA COVID vaccines in the U.S., Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, have former FDA Commissioners working for them.

Keeping the COVID Plandemic active by declaring it to be a continuing “National Emergency,” the FDA is pushing to the limits just what they can do under the cover of “emergency use” which means the drug manufacturers can effectively use the American public as their laboratory, since going through the proper FDA approval channels to get a new vaccine to market on average takes about 10 years.

Since these Bivalent booster shots were authorized 3 months ago, there have been 10,547 reported cases of harm to the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 90 deaths. (Source.)

They were authorized to be injected into children between the ages of 5 and 11 in October, and there are now 1,151 reports of harm done to children in VAERS.

And just a reminder, less than 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported to VAERS. (Source.)

And as of today, the FDA has authorized them to be injected into babies as young as 6 months old.

Here are some examples of cases filed in VAERS of children who have already received a COVID booster shot from Pfizer or Moderna, where some have passed out, had seizures, hallucinated, and gone into anaphylactic shock, among other symptoms. Many of these children are receiving multiple vaccines at one time when they get these booster shots, something that has never been studied in the drug trials.


VAERS ID: 246429315-Year-Old girl in Pennsylvania – patient passed out and hit the wall, but was breathing and responsive while laying on floor, NP relocated Pt to minute clinic to wait for medical response team

VAERS ID: 246984115-Year-Old boy in North Carolina – patient was feeling chest pain and tightness, was instructed to go to the emergency room for fear of myocarditis in patient specific population…at the emergency room he was given chest x-ray, bloodwork taken and consulted to see pediatric cardiologist later this week


VAERS ID: 247546616-Year-Old boy in Maryland – Had fever/ chills/ flu like symptoms after the vaccination. At 4:30 AM, mom heard yelling/ yelling for mom. Came to mom”s room, not feeling well. He says he “feels upside down”. He wants to be sent in the hospital. HR 124 beats/ minute. MOm felt his heart raising. Looks disoriented. Not being able to speak coherently. He feels like he is needed to flee. On the way to the hospital , vomited 6-7x. At the ER, MD thinks its a reaction to vaccine. At 8 AM, he says he is dying, worse and more intense compared to the first time. Crushing to the walls/ wants to run through the glass door/ extreme sense of agitation. Mom thinks its a reaction to booster. Patient feels tired/ resting and sleeping. Went to father the day after. Pt told father, that he had a vivid night mare. He describes it as an out of body experience. He thought he was dying.

VAERS ID: 247669217-Year-Old boy in Texas – About 3 – 5 minutes after the vaccination, despite instructions to remain seated, the patient was walking in the clinic and had a presyncopal episode where he hit his face/head on opposite sides of a door jamb , bent over at the waist and collapsed to the floor and then rolled to his back. +laceration to upper lip (inside) and mild abrasion around philtrum. Assisted to seating then standing and walked back with assistance to exam room. Asked to sit in chair. About 3 minutes later had a brief tonic clonic seizure (3 – 5 seconds) with LOC – no recollection of event. Noted small nosebleed at this time. Continued to reassess vitals, called EMS and transported to hospital for further management

VAERS ID: 248301615-Year-Old girl in Pennsylvania – Patient lost consciousness, had tonic clonic movements of both upper extremeties and whole body rigidity, lost bladder control. Woke up after approx 30 seconds disoriented to time and place. Evaluated by pharmacist and paramedics. Transported to Hospital of via private vehicle per paramedic response team. Per father, patient evaluated with several tests in the emergency department.

VAERS ID: 247715016-Year-Old girl in Massachusetts – Tonic-clonic seizure. Diagnosis of epilepsy.

VAERS ID: 248310916-Year-Old boy in Massachusetts – Systemic: Dizziness / Lightheadness-Mild, Systemic: Fainting / Unresponsive-Mild, Additional Details: PATIENT FAITED AFTER VACCINE ADMIN, HIT HEAD IN PHARMACY, TAKEN BY AMBULANCE TO EMERGENCY ROOM

VAERS ID: 248619114-Year-Old girl in Kansas – Pt arose to get ready for work at 6:30 in the morning and didnt feel well. She went to get ready for work and went to bathroom and became dizzy and passed out. Mom and dad came in and mom became dizzy as well and passed out. Pt, mom and dad went to ER.

VAERS ID: 244616012-Year-Old boy in Pennsylvania – Asthma attack, tightness in throat, asthma exacerbation

VAERS ID: 24862931-Year-Old girl in New York – After I gave the vaccine to patient within few minutes patient start feeling closing out the esophagus and it was swallowed. I gave patient epipen and called 911

VAERS ID: 24866633-Year-Old boy in California – Pt first developed rash bilaterally to flank, abdomen and legs two days after covid vaccine administration. Then developed pain, marked swelling and redness to bilateral knees and elbows with difficulty ambulating and pain with movement. Pt had a low grade fever and skin was sensitive and hot to touch near knees and elbows.

VAERS ID: 249719815 Year-Old girl in Utah – Received bivalent vaccine at community center and minutes(3)later she became unresponsive and passed out, less that 5 seconds. Placed on left side and awoke appropriate and complained of abdominal pain and I haven”t ate today. Transferred by EMS to local hospital

VAERS ID: 249812612-Year-Old boy in Kansas – Woke up with chest pains and BPM was over 160. Mother took him to the ER where he was tested and observed for about 4 hours. Went and saw PCP, then was referred to a Cardiologist. Seeing Cardiology doctor at the end of this month.

VAERS ID: 24999949-Year-Old girl from Oregon – The child had a seizure right after the needle was removed from her arm. The seizure lasted about 3-4 seconds. The child had no recollection of what had happened and was very tired but alert. EMS arrived in about 7 minutes. While they were talking to her and her parents, the child fainted again. EMS took her to the hospital in an ambulance.

VAERS ID: 250070613-Year-Old girl from Iowa – Patient fell, became unresponsive, and was shaking withing 5 minutes of receiving the vaccinations. She woke up within 2 minutes but had difficulty breathing, felt hot, and needed water. EMS came to check her out

VAERS ID: 250897212-Year-Old girl from Utah – Oral and vulvar/vaginal aphthous ulcers.

VAERS ID: 251239910-Year-Old boy from New York – administered covid vaccine first in left arm / went to administer flucelvax in right arm pt immediately passed out called 911

All of these cases, which are only a few examples, are from the U.S. Government’s own database. They’re real. They’re not fake news. These children suffered because their parents were ignorant about the potential harm these experimental shots cause.

The corporate news will not report this.

The politicians in Washington D.C. will not do anything about this, even though Senator Ron Johnson had another meeting this week in D.C. to testify about these facts. This is like the 4th or 5th time Senator Johnson has done this.

And what has been the result?

The FDA continues to authorize more shots. Parents continue to ignorantly harm their children with experimental gene therapy shots. Not a single Governor has the courage to stop these shots, and neither does anyone in Washington D.C.

Big Pharma owns them all.

So you’re on your own. Do your research. Share this with others.