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At a recent Donald Trump rally, BLM thugs infiltrated the event. They posed as Trump supporters to get into the rally. Once inside, they waited until President Trump took the stage and began speaking about the violent riots Black Lives Matter has staged. They then sprang into action, trying to interrupt the celebration, stop the rally from happening and bring everyone down. They tried to shout louder than the President was talking to overtake his speech. They tried to draw everyone’s eyes away from the rally to focus on them. They could not have failed more spectacularly.

You’ve probably seen insane leftists shout down public speakers before. You’ve never seen the script flipped so beautifully. (Send him home to mommy) lol

This is a short video. You’re going to see the rally. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the BLM animals. Very quickly, you’ll hear something else. It will resound and resonate through you, and you will be encouraged. This country is still full of real, red-blooded Americans. We haven’t lost yet, and it’s important that you have this chance to realize that.

Rewatch this video every time you feel discouraged by the insanity in our streets.

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