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UPDATED 8:48 AM PT — Thursday, August 15, 2019

There are new developments in the shooting case out of Dayton, Ohio as the gunman’s friend has been ordered to remain in police custody. A detention hearing was held Wednesday for Ethan Kollie after an agreement could not be reached for his release.

Federal charges were filed against Kollie after authorities said he helped purchase and provide the firearms and body armor the shooter used in the attack. This comes after authorities discovered Kollie lied on federal firearm forms in order to purchase his own firearm, which was not used in the shooting.

“You know, it’s clear that he’s been — he was — friends with the shooter. You know, the complaint was released, and it indicates some information about part of a weapon and a body armor, but you know, he played no part in what the shooter did, which is senseless.”

— Nick Gounaris, attorney for Ethan Kollie

Lawyers for Kollie claim he was shocked to hear about the shooting, adding, there is no evidence to prove he knew the gunman’s plans. The shooting left nine people dead and wounded 17 others.

This undated booking photo provided by the Montgomery County Sheriff shows Ethan Kollie. Federal agents say Kollie, a longtime friend of Dayton, Ohio, gunman, Connor Betts, bought the body armor, a 100-round magazine and a gun accessory used in a mass shooting, but there’s no indication that the man knew that his friend was planning a massacre. The accusations came as prosecutors unsealed charges against Kollie that they said were unrelated to the Aug. 4 shooting. (Montgomery County Sheriff via AP)
(Montgomery County Sheriff via AP)

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