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Lloyd Doggett on CNNDemocratic Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett said Friday his constituents have told him they “want another choice” other than President Joe Biden following calls for him to step aside as the presidential nominee.

Doggett appeared on CNN to discuss his push to ask for Biden to step aside from the 2024 election cycle following criticism of the president’s June 27 debate performance. CNN host Jim Sciutto questioned Doggett on what he has heard from constituents and if they are behind potentially having new Democratic options at the top of the ticket.

“Well, yesterday, July 4th, you know, we’re all out seeing constituents — and I hope that’s happening with my colleagues all over the country. And I can’t tell you how many people sought me out at neighborhood parades to say they supported the statement I made and that they think it’s really important that we get another choice. They want Trump out. They fear what Trump would do to destroy our democracy but they’re worried that President Biden is not the strongest candidate that we can put forward,” Doggett said.

The CNN host then continued to press Doggett on who he would choose as the new Democratic presidential nominee.

“Well, my feeling is it’s not time for me to name another candidate — and I’m not sure tonight which one, I think, would be the best — but I think we have a number of governors who are strong. We have a strong bench. Certainly the vice president will be in play, perhaps some members of the cabinet, there are a couple of senators who could be involved. What we need is a fair, open Democratic process,” Doggett said.

“I think Jim Clyburn once suggested the possibility of a primary, national or regional. It’s a short time, but if we expose the American people who’ve been out there saying they don’t like either choice that the parties are offering — that we have a new generation, new candidate who can appeal to them — we will come out as winners in the fall and we could well get both a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate to support a new president and put down this Trump nonsense.”

Doggett became the first Democrat in Congress to publicly voice his concerns over having Biden run for a second term. Biden’s debate performance against former President Donald Trump was criticized over multiple gaffs, including moments when the president appeared to not be able to finish his statements. Doggett said in a Tuesday statement Biden “failed to defend his accomplishments and expose Trump’s many lies.”

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