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  There is no greater contrast between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump than the unrest boiling over in the Middle East, according to presidential adviser Dick Morris on Newsmax.

“I can say that’s a double-edged sword: On the one hand he’s attacked for being too weak, and on the other hand, whatever he does he’s attacked for because you have significant elements of the left hand of the Democratic Party that are anti-Israel — and Biden basically is, too but he can’t admit it — and he’s being hit by both ends,” Morris told “Saturday Report.”

“And that is not a good position to be in. That’s why his approval ratings are down to 33%.

“That’s why I’m convinced that there will be a major effort by Democrats to pull Biden and to put Michelle Obama in as the candidate.”

That “double-edged sword” extends not only to Biden versus the Democratic Party, but also against Trump.

“Biden can’t escape either edge: One edge is,” Morris told host Rita Cosby, “that in time of international crisis and American servicemen dying, we want presidential strength. And obviously, Biden’s not the candidate that can provide that.

“But the other part is that Trump’s record in keeping us out of war is seminal and fundamental to his political support. And normally a candidate like Trump does not get the votes of anti-war people.

“He’s seen normally as a cold warrior, neocon who will lead us into war, but Trump has made such a point about avoiding endless wars and of not getting involved in those.”

Trump has effectively engaged a political “flanking movement” on his potential 2024 rival.

“He not only what does the frontal attack on Biden’s weakness and lack of defense preparedness, but a flank attack where he comes around and hits Biden for being a warmonger,” Morris added

Morris, author of “Corrupt: The Inside Story of Biden’s Dark Money” and host of Newsmax’s “Dick Morris Democracy” — which airs both at 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. ET — also noted as the South Carolina primary Saturday night opens Biden’s reelection campaign, the president faces some challenges because he “has created all of these problems.”

“When you don’t attack certain targets, you’re basically giving the other side of free pass because they know you don’t and you won’t,” Morris concluded.

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