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The Walt Disney Company has become one of America’s wokest companies, injecting left-wing diversity, equity and inclusion or DEI agenda into nearly every aspect of its business, from theme parks to video content. Consequently, Disney is no longer the babysitter for American parents, with families increasingly avoiding theme parks and movies. Bob Iger’s recent return as CEO sent wokeism into warp speed. 

The website blogmickey shares an interesting account of Walt Disney World Resort, located about 20 miles southwest of Orlando, Florida, on July 4, indicating that “Disney may have forecasted as much—shortening typical holiday period park hours and not decorating as much as they have in the past.” 

Blogmickey previously “covered some of the cutbacks in hours” at the theme park but also “noticed that Disney has scaled back on some of the patriotic decors.” 

Let’s take a view of what Main Street USA looked like on the Fourth of July in 2023 versus this Thursday: 

Source: Blogmickey

Notice how Disney stealthily removed patriotic flags. 

Source: Blogmickey
Source: Blogmickey
Source: Blogmickey

“This year, it is only installed in Town Square. Not groundbreaking by any means, but when details matter, details should matter,” Blogmickey said. Considering DEI is rooted in Marxism, as per Real Clear Education’s findings, it should make sense why US flags are being scaled down at the theme park during the holiday. Clearly, Disney has not received the memo like the rest of corporate America (read: “Backlash Is Real”: DEI Exodus Gains Steam Across Corporate America)… 

A 1989 video shows that on July 4, there was a lot of ‘America’ throughout the theme park.

Let’s not forget that wait time ride tracking website Thrill Data shows that this year’s July 4 recorded wait time averages at Walt Disney World to be underwhelming, with some of the lowest times over the past decade.

Putting woke ideology ahead of entertainment has destroyed an American institution. Iger’s long list of failures is piling up. 


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