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Results have ‘potential implications’ for populations

(Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash)

A new study has suggested COVID shots, which already are known to cause serious side effects including heart ailments that can be fatal, also triggered a decline in male fertility.

A study done by researchers in Denmark analyzed fertility levels from thousands of men ages 18-45, with half in the 18-24 age group, and revealed COVID mRNA shots “have caused widespread harm to fertility rates.”

“During the study, the researchers examined the quality of semen in potential donors in Denmark between 2017 and 2022,” explained a report in Slay News.

Of those accepted as donors, about one-third of the total, “The study revealed that motile sperm concentration dropped by 16 percent,” a drop seen only during 2019-2022 when mRNA shots were being delivered.

The report said 587 of the donors during that time “saw their parameters worsen,” while 425 didn’t.

Also down for many study participants was total motile sperm count, which concerned the study organizers as that “has potential implications for human fertility, because sperm motility is correlated with the probability of conception,” the report said.

In fact, the report said TMSC was down 22% among the entire donor pool.

Study authors said, “Such a sharp decline in sperm motility to occur over a relatively short length of time suggests that external factors were likely to have played a role. In this context, we note that the observed decline in sperm motility roughly corresponds to the onset of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.”

They noted lifestyle changes, including the now-proven ineffective lockdowns, also may have played a role in the changes.

The report also confirmed that a separate study “found alarming changes in motility which were closely correlated to the COVID mRNA injections.”

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