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By Greg Hunter

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan has gone against the majority in the past with predictions that seemed unbelievable at the time. One prediction last year is the Fed not cutting interest rates in 2023. The Fed didn’t, and Morgan is still predicting there will be no Fed interest rate cut anytime soon. Now, with a record high stock market, Morgan is predicting “We are entering into a global depression the likes of which the world has never seen.” The warning signs are many as Morgan explains, “When we enter a depression, people cannot keep up with inflation. So, they work even harder or more hours to try to make ends meet.”

Another sign, says Morgan, is all the bankrupt businesses that thrive on disposable income such as “Gold’s Gym, Neman Marcus, Hertz, JC Penny, GNC, Pier One, Belk’s founded in 1888, Revlon, David’s Bridal and Bed, Bath and Beyond. That is just a few, and that is the real economy. What you see on that list of bankrupt stores primarily is disposable income. . . . That is a sure sign of a depression. . . . This is a clear, concise and accurate picture of the truth. You don’t have to tell this to the girl with three jobs. She knows what is going on.”

Other signs of a coming depression include “stress over money, and this is the number one thing people are stressing about today,” according to Morgan. In the age of money printing and unpayable debt, there is going to be an end, and the end, according to Morgan, has never been closer than today. Morgan points out, “Money is usually the root cause of stress. I have dedicated my work to inform everybody of what is coming and tell everybody what the difference is between money and a currency and what happens at the end of these great inflations. There is ‘nothing new under the sun.’ We have all been there and done that, but a great depression has never been global before. This is why the system is hinged on the viability of the US dollar, what supercedes it and what moves next.”

Morgan says other signs include, “increasing war . . . trade barriers, such as sanctions, transportation /supply chain problems such as sinking ships in the Red Sea, and a much lower standard of living.” So, these are signs of a global great depression? Morgan says, “Correct . . . If you survive the destruction of the old system, then you have the New World Order, which is pushing one world government, one global currency and, in time, one world religion. That’s the direction it is going . . . but there is a lot of push-back. I would not say we are losing, but I would not say we are winning either. I want to win, and I want freedom for everyone.”

Morgan says the dollar will hold together for now and predicts, “It will be the most trusted asset (behind gold and silver) until it blows up. The dollar will remain quite strong, but you will know we are getting near the end when gold will be increasing as the dollar is increasing. The dollar’s value looks strong, but gold is going to be going up at the same time.”

In closing, Morgan says, “I am sure the entire world is getting ready to dive into a global great depression, and that is the way I see it. . . The globalists are telling you ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy.’ They are warning you and letting you know the direction they plan on going.”

There is much more in the 46-minute interview.

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