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Last week I was interviewed by the great Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity in a wide ranging interview that covered topics like Covid, the economy and the political future of the country.

Chris was one of the only people during the onset of Covid who was looking through the mainstream media’s narrative and was doing his own research. He has a PhD in neurotoxicology from Duke University, and an MBA from Cornell University.

Video of our full 2 hour interview is free to listen to here

Martenson (Source: Real Vision)

“Without necessary guardrails and consequences the failed leadership of DC and the Fed have taken us down a paths that had a binary outcome; bad and worse,” Chris writes on his site describing our interview.

First we covered the suppression of ivermectin and other drugs during the beginning of Covid. Chris asked me about whether or not blackballing these drugs had to do with getting the vaccines to market.

I told him: “That was a conspiracy theory back in 2021: they needed to shut you up about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin so that they could utilize the EUA.”

“Now, looking back, it’s not a conspiracy theory; it’s the leading cause. I mean, applying Occam’s Razor 99 times out of 100, that’s the answer you’re going to arrive at—not that anybody on your channel doesn’t already know this. You’re a grown adult; you probably know to some degree the answer is pretty much always ‘follow the money.’,” I told him.

I told him about when I first heard of the ‘conspiracy theory’ turned ‘conspiracy fact’: “But that was it, and I remember piecing it together in 2021. I even remember Rogan talking about it and a couple of other places where it was widely accepted that it was still the conspiracy theory. But I remember a bunch of people saying, ‘Hey, if you want to square the circle here and explain why they would be potentially suppressing ivermectin, which again, if you had done two seconds worth of research, was inconceivable—even if it worked on one out of every 500 people, you know, it would be more than what we had on the table at that point.’”

I wrote about the abhorrent suppression of ivermectin last September in this piece: The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle

We also discussed the ensuing collapse of the mainstream media at the hands of alternative media. I told Chris that the internet had narrowed the window between the public being told lies, and the media being held accountable for it.

“Back in the day, if you had a Gulf of Tonkin incident or an Operation Northwoods, or whatever, it would be 10 years later there would be a limited hangout. Fifteen years later, there would be a little bit more, and 20 years later, it would have kind of homogenized itself in the zeitgeist of everything, and everybody one day just kind of walks around and accepts the fact that, you know, ‘Oh, the Gulf of Tonkin was made up’,” I told Chris.

“But now, the internet has sped that whole process up, you know, and alternative media has sped that up. So, from 2020, you know, that check has come due right now. You know, the Hunter Biden lies—that check has come due now. The Ivermectin lies—that check has come due now, with Dave Smith just neutering Chris Cuomo on the PBD podcast the other day, he absolutely demolished and pulverized him.”

We also talked about the de-evolution of U.S. cities and the lawlessness taking place around the country. I chalked it up to liberals just wanting to get their way, at all costs, regardless of consequences. I told Chris: “They know where they want to get, and they don’t care how they get there.”

“So, they’ve adopted the ideology first, right, which is voluntary mastectomies for 14-year-old girls are normal, or we should be wearing three masks when we’re outside jogging through Central Park, or whatever other lunacy is coming from the left.”

“And they’ve tethered themselves to the ends and the means with which they get there don’t matter. And that’s where they’re losing people,” I told Chris.

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I continued: “Academia now has turned into this machine that over-intellectualizes and over-jargonizes things that sometimes have very simple solutions and presents them back as some type of, like, you know, faux intellectual line of reasoning that normal people would never be able to understand.”

“It’s like the shoplifting thing, right? You know, if you want people to stop shoplifting, arrest them. That’s the answer. I don’t need a focus group, I don’t need a PhD, I don’t need a study, I don’t need a thing on race relations, I don’t need a thing on socioeconomic stuff. If you don’t want people to break the law, put consequences in place. You don’t do things that encourage more breaking the law.”

I told Chris: “Think of what kind of a mental pretzel you need to have twisted yourself into and think of how long you have to sit around and, you know, whack off other intellectuals, right, and have everybody tell each other that you’re all right and you’re all geniuses. Think of how much of that you have to do to arrive at an idea like segregating college campuses is a way to fight racism.”

I recently wrote more about this topic of over-analyzing in this piece: Lacking Finesse, Lacking Mindfulness

Chris and I also discussed the juxtaposition between our spending addiction in this country and how we collect taxes.

“The money we’re sending to Ukraine—it’s un-audited,” I said. “We have no idea where it’s going. It’s tens of billions of dollars. And when you think about the juxtaposition between the excruciating amount of energy that is spent managing tax receipts from the citizens of the country—right? I mean, tax season basically gives me a panic attack every year because I’m wondering if there’s some $600 thing that I forgot about.”

I continued: “Because everything’s tracked now. So there’s no point in being a tax cheat. The government knows where all your money is, it knows what you’re spending it on, it knows where you’re moving it to. But to think that they are relentlessly fixated on the excruciating minutiae of the income of the middle and lower class, and what people are making—what cab drivers are making, what waiters and waitresses are making versus the complete lack of visibility on where billions and trillions of dollars go—trillions of dollars in assets missing from the Pentagon, hundreds of billions of dollars being sent overseas without audit in the form of foreign aid, $320 million floating out in the Mediterranean Sea over the last couple of weeks—so when you look at that, it’s very difficult to make any case other than we really are, kind of, it’s almost the equivalent of looking through the couch cushions for change while running up all of your credit cards at the same time. It’s like one is going to justify the other, and it shows how twisted our focus is right now.”

I expounded on this during my critique of the idea of an unrealized gains tax here: Taxing Unrealized Gains Would Obliterate The U.S. Economy

And in my recent critisicm of President Biden’s failed $320 million Gaza Pier: Like Biden’s Busted Gaza Pier, So Drifts Away Our Economy

Finally we talked about the upcoming election and the lunacy of the recent Trump conviction. I told Chris: “Isn’t it funny that nobody went to jail over 2008? Bear Stearns blows up, Lehman Brothers blows up; you have all these people shuffling around these toxic assets, lying about it.”

“We’re talking about potentially trillions of dollars, potentially trillions of dollars in wealth destruction globally, and nobody goes to jail for that. Yet, Trump gets found guilty on 34 counts over $100,000 and a totally legal NDA that he had his lawyer sign for him like ten years ago. I mean, that just tells you everything you need to know. You don’t even need to like Trump to see the double standard.”

You can listen to our full 2 hour long discussion for free here

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