Wisconsin rolled out a 530-bed emergency field hospital at a park near Milwaukee to deal with a massive increase in coronavirus patients that have spilled over from the state’s hospital system, according to The Capital Times.

The makeshift hospital, which sits in the Wisconsin State Fair Park, opened on Wednesday, awaiting an influx of patients.

Wisconsin has seen a 25% increase in coronavirus hospitalizations over the last seven days versus the prior week. Julie Willems Van Dijk, Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary, said COVID-19 has put the care system “in crisis.”

”Many of our ICUs are strained,” Van Dijk said. ”And every region of our state has one or more hospitals reporting current and imminent staff shortages.”

The facility was built in April but never was needed until now. Medical staff throughout Wisconsin operated the hospital as it took on its first 50 patients. That number may double in no time.

”We’ve been fielding calls all morning, all afternoon to this time from area hospital and health systems,” said Deb Standridge, CEO of the Alternate Care Facility.

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