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‘Where are the parents?’


The 'America's Newsroom' studio of the Fox News Channel (Video screenshot)

By Harold Hutchison

Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz was attacked on a New York City subway Sunday by a group of “children,” according to authorities and Klotz’s social media posts.

“Last night, coming home from watching the Giants game at a bar on the subway, this older gentleman was being hassled by this group of seven or eight teens,” Klotz said in an Instagram story posted Sunday.

Klotz then described being beaten by the group, showing cuts on his face in the social media post and describing injuries to his ribs. He also noted that the man being harassed was able to get away safely.

Three of the suspects were arrested by police officers, but later released, according to the New York Post. Police told the NYP the incident occurred around 1:00 a.m Sunday.

“Where are the parents?” Klotz asked in an earlier story on Instagram, where he joked about the incident involving “five of six children” and urged parents not to allow their kids to “beat up people in the middle of the night” before he made the second post.

Crime on New York City’s subways rose 40.2% in January through October 2022 compared to those same months in 2021, according to statistics released by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

“It’s all good! You know what I mean? New York City! New York City! Ahh, what a place. The Big Apple!” Klotz said on Instagram.

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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