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Well my brothers and sisters, today is March 11, 2020 and the controlled demolition of our worldwide economy continues just as planned.  The deep state, worldwide cabal of Luciferins must be so happy with themselves.

Not since the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buildings, have they delighted in such chaos.

The only fly in the ointment appears to be President Trump.  But they are sure they have him right where they want him this time.

Surely, they think he will not be able to avoid the trap this time.  But what they cannot get threw their thick sculls, is that Donald Trump is the master of political, financial and legal “Rope A Dope.”  Of which they are “dopes.”

Of course, this is not because President Trump is simply a self-made man of success.  But because God the Father Son and Holy Spirit carefully crafted him for this part in history which he is currently playing.

A few weeks ago, my brother published an article I wrote about our President.  In the article, I spoke of how our Lord God Almighty was, in these last days. Using President trump as his physical representation of the restrainer.

And as I pointed out the Holy Spirit is the spiritual power guiding Donald Trump. In these last days, of the reign of Satan over the affairs of men.

Well then, what does this mean, and where are we headed now. This is what the Lord God is showing me.

  • The economy will be badly damaged.
  • The Corona Virus is a bio weapons labs fabricated.
    • To cause fear and chaos.
    • Designed to do the most damage first where it was released. Namely China.
  • To attack the most vulnerable of worldwide society.
    • The very old
    • And those with compromised immune systems.
  • But President Trump will rally his forces.
  • Over time the Corona Virus scare will subside.
  • We will move to some form of gold standard, bringing some stability to the system.
  • God is using this time period to wake people up. He wants as many people as possible. To come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus the anointed, our savior.
  • We are in the time period which the Bible refers to as “the Birth Pangs.”
  • We must remember, that when the restrainer is taken out of the way, the Anti-Christ is soon to be revealed.
  • Until then, any speculation as to who he is, is in vain.


Your Brother in Christ

Timothy Canfield

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