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Newest legal fight developing in Oklahoma

One of the schemes that Democrats are rallying around right now in their attempt to keep President Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot is by claiming he is ineligible.

They have, on their own, charged and convicted him of “insurrection,” and they then claim that the 14th Amendment prevents him from being a candidate.

Their actions come irrespective of the fact that Trump has not, in fact, been charged with insurrection, much less convicted.

Nevertheless, they are suing various state to try to eliminate him as a possible opponent to the octogenarian Joe Biden, whose verbal and mental stumbles appear to multiple each day.

The latest fight has erupted in Oklahoma, where the American Center for Law and Justice says it has asked a court to be allowed to represent the state GOP, which was left out of the case by Democrats.

The organization already has been permitted by another court to represent the Colorado GOP in the same arguments in that state.

In that leftist state, voters sued the state and Trump, claiming he’s ineligible. But the ACLJ pointed out that the Colorado GOP has the legal right to name its own candidate, yet it was left out of the legal arguments until the ACLJ intervened.

In Oklahoma, the organization reported, “A Texas resident has filed another lawsuit that, like the Colorado lawsuit, argues that former President Trump is ineligible to be president due to the 14th Amendment. This individual claims to be a Republican candidate seeking to eliminate his ‘rival’ from the chance to run for office. This lawsuit was brought against two parties: President Trump himself and the Secretary of the Oklahoma State Election Board. But again, an organization critical to this lawsuit was left out.”

The ACLJ reported, “The Oklahoma Republican Party has a say in who the Republican nominees are going to be in the presidential election. It defines the rules that Republican candidates must follow, sets the platform for the Republican Party, and decides who the Oklahoma delegation will be to vote at the Republican National Convention.”

The ACLJ said it is seeking to represent the Oklahoma GOP in the court fight.

“This case represents an unprecedented assault on Americans’ constitutional right to vote, and we are taking urgent legal action to fight back,” it said.

The legal team noted, “More and more people have recognized the dangers of these novel 14th Amendment theories being used to attempt to disenfranchise voters. For example, former Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey penned an article explaining why attempts to disqualify President Trump are ‘seriously misplaced.’ He thoroughly explained that the disqualification provision does not apply to President Trump because former presidents are not on the list of people who may be disqualified by the 14th Amendment in the first place.”

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