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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – JUNE 06: Hallie Biden, daughter in-law of U.S. President Joe Biden, departs from the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building after testifying in the trial of Hunter Biden on June 06, 2024 in Wilmington, Delaware. The trial for Hunter Biden’s felony gun charges continues today with additional witnesses. Hallie Biden is the widow of Joe Biden’s deceased son, Beau Biden. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

OAN’s Sophia Flores
12:06 PM – Friday, June 7, 2024

Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s widow turned Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend, was called to the stand on day four of Hunter’s federal firearms crime trial in Delaware.


On Thursday, under the promise of immunity from prosecutors, Hallie testified and detailed her past experiences finding drug paraphernalia in Hunter’s car, as well as when she discovered his gun and “threw it away.”

During her testimony, Hallie stated that she was first introduced to crack cocaine by Hunter in the summer of 2018. She also expressed that she was “embarrassed” and deeply regrets that time in her life.

The pair partook in smoking crack cocaine together until they both felt it was necessary to go to rehab in Pennsylvania on October 6th, 2018. 

Hallie mentioned in court that one day, in an effort to help Hunter stay sober after rehab, she went to tidy up his Ford Raptor truck.

“[I went to his car] to clean out any drugs or alcohol in the car… in an effort to help him get or stay sober,” she explained.

However, Hallie soon discovered an item that she was not expecting.

“Aside from trash and clothes, I found remnants of crack cocaine, paraphernalia—oh, and the gun, obviously.” 

“I panicked, and I wanted to get rid of them,” she said of the .38-caliber revolver and ammunition. “I didn’t want him to hurt himself or [for] my kids to find it and hurt themselves.”

“I considered hiding it somewhere, but I was afraid one of my children would find it,” Hallie explained. “I was afraid to kind of touch it. I didn’t know if it was loaded.”

In a panic, she proceeded to throw the gun away in a garbage can at a local grocery store. She placed the weapon inside a plastic shopping bag. However, once she realized that it was still recognizable in the bag, she put it in a brown leather pouch. 

The leather pouch, which was previously used to hold Hunter’s business cards or drugs, was shown to the jury as evidence. Additionally, the jurors were shown surveillance footage of Hallie driving up to the grocery store, throwing the gun away, and returning 30 minutes later, trying to recover it without success.

“I was so flustered from the whole thing,” Hallie said. “I realize it was a stupid idea now, but I was just panicking.” 

After she threw the gun away, Hallie reportedly kept the secret from Hunter. However, he later texted her as soon as he realized that his gun was missing. Feeling suspicious, Hunter angrily texted her, “Did you take that from me?”

She eventually fessed up and admitted to Hunter that she did in fact toss the gun, to which he told her, “Go look for it.”

“When I looked for it and didn’t find it, he told me to file a police report for it,” Hallie said. “Because it was registered in his name.”

Her testimony was followed by testimony from the former gun store employee who sold the gun in question to Hunter.

The court dismissed the jury for the day after Edward Banner, the man who discovered Hunter Biden’s firearm in the trash, concluded his testimony. When Banner, 80, was looking through a garbage container for recyclables, he came across the rifle.

In addition, Banner said that he discovered a leather pouch containing ammo and a speed loader, which Hallie Biden had used to conceal the rifle before discarding it. Soon after, he brought the gun home, placed it inside a box, and placed the box on a closet shelf.

The judge began proceedings by questioning the defense on new evidence that had not been disclosed. However, she later denied the entry of new evidence, saying it is too late and full of hearsay.

“[Hunter] is accused of making a false statement material to a firearms sale and making a false statement in a firearms transaction record. Prosecutors contend he committed a crime when he ticked a box indicating ‘no’ next to a question asking if he was an unlawful user of a controlled substance or addicted to a controlled substance. The third charge is that Hunter Biden violated a law that bars users of illegal drugs or drug addicts from possessing a firearm,” according to Reuters.

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