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OAN’s Abril Elfi
4:43 PM – Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Harvey Weinstein may face a new sexual assault indictment as more victims have begun to come forward. 


During Wednesday’s court hearing, Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg stated that additional women have now come forward with more allegations against Weinstein. 

Blumberg was asked by Judge Curtis if there was a possibility of prosecutors filing a new indictment, to which she responded: “Yes, your honor.” 

Prosecutors stated that the court could receive an update by the end of June. During a previous hearing, Weinstein’s retrial on the overturned conviction was tentatively set for sometime after Labor Day, although an exact date was not decided.

The 2020 rape conviction of Weinstein was overturned by a New York appeals court, which also ordered a new trial in a reversal of the #MeToo era case.

The court ruled 4–3 that Weinstein’s trial judge had permitted the prosecution to call women as witnesses who claimed that the entertainment mogul had abused them, despite the fact that their claims had nothing to do with the charges against Weinstein.

Following his conviction in February 2020 for forcing oral sex on TV and film production assistant Mimi Haley in 2006, and third-degree rape of hairstylist Jessica Mann in 2013, Weinstein was initially given a 23-year prison sentence.

However, the film producer was acquitted of first-degree rape and two counts of predatory assault. Weinstein has denied ever engaging in non-consensual sex.

On May 9th, Weinstein appeared in court once more for a hearing on his potential extradition to California. 

His legal team argued that he should not be extradited at this time, citing his “very serious health issues” as well as the need to prepare for his retrial.

“Our main concern in all of this is that Mr. Weinstein is here in New York, so we can prepare for trial and that he get the medical care he needs,” Diana Fabi Samson told reporters during a post-hearing press conference. “And just concerned that travel … would impact his health issues.”

“He has very serious health issues. And I think it’s also worth noting that since the day he was incarcerated, he has been in a hospital setting,” she later said. 

California has asked to have Weinstein extradited so that he can begin serving his 16-year sentence.

Weinstein was found guilty in California of charges unrelated to the overturned conviction in New York, but he has not served any of the 16 years he was sentenced to.

In California, a woman known as “Jane Doe 1” was the victim of forced oral copulation, rape, and other sexual misconduct charges, for which Weinstein was found guilty. His attorneys have promised to file an appeal of the verdict.

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