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  Our billboard goes up in 2 weeks outside CDC headquarters as well. I’m hoping they will get the message that I’m not joking around.

By Steve Kirsch

Here’s the billboard

Target deployment date: 11/15/22. Right outside CDC headquarters.

If there are any critical thinkers left at the CDC, this may get noticed.

Here’s the email I sent just now

Hi Rochelle,

I have to be honest with you… Google considers me the world’s #1 misinformation superspreader:

But I think that the CDC deserves this honor instead because they’ve been telling people the vaccine is safe even after the CDC’s own Safety Signal for DEATH was triggered.

I’m just really baffled as to how the CDC failed to recognize this signal.

It was clearly triggered since all three criteria were satisfied.

It’s an objective test. I had three independent statisticians validate my calculations were correct.

I offered big money to David Gorski and Professor Jeffrey Morris to validate my calculations and THEY REFUSED TO DO SO. Why would they do that?

I’ve included the calculations below.

If all four of us have made a mistake, please let us know where we made the error.

If we have not made a mistake, don’t you think you should let people know that you weren’t monitoring for safety like you said you were and that the DEATH signal was triggered?

Thanks for letting me know since I don’t want to spread misinformation.

Note: I am sorry to bother you about this, but Martha Sharan and Carol Crawford are apparently incapable of addressing my concerns. They are literally “speechless.” So is Dr. John Su. This is an important matter that deserves your immediate attention.

Thank you.



It’s just going to get worse and worse for these people.

And if the Republicans take the Senate and Senator Ron Johnson gets re-elected, we are going to have a lot of interesting hearings about this in Congress.

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