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Screenshot 2023-09-23 094623James O’Keefe says he was sued by Project Veritas again midday Thursday, one day after the company reportedly ceased all operations.

The former Project Veritas founder filmed himself retrieving the lawsuit from his front doorstep in footage posted to Twitter Friday. He claimed, “a colleague happened to be nearby and took a video of the door” after he heard “loud banging.” The colleague did not answer the door.

“A lawsuit. They’re suing me. The company that I founded,” O’Keefe said as he read the documents left at his doorstep. “When I left, there was something to the effect of between six to eight million dollars cash on hand. They’ve apparently spent all of it, raising almost no money at all since they ousted me.”

Project Veritas ceased all operations Wednesday citing lack of funds, Six staffers, including all remaining journalists and one development associate, were laid off.

O’Keefe said the documents were “a summons in civil action” from “United States District Court” for a lawsuit titled “Project Veritas vs. James O’Keefe.” Jay M. Wolman, Counsel at Randazza Legal Group in Connecticut represents the plaintiff.

“We’re not sure what these attorneys have to say for themselves, participating in an effort to silence journalists and get a federal judge to issue an injunction to shut me up and to shut all of you down. It’s unclear what Randazza and Jay Wolman are thinking,” O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe was sued by Project Veritas for the first time in May in federal court in the southern district of New York. The Project Veritas founder and former CEO left the company in February after being put on paid leave. Following his departure, O’Keefe launched O’Keefe Media Group, his new media company.

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