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The Center for Gun Violence Solutions (CGVS) at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is advocating for the utilization of “microstamping” technology on firearms. They believe a firing pin that imprints a unique serial number on the cartridge could be one solution to end gun violence. 

“Microstamping imprints a code on a bullet’s cartridge case each time a gun is fired—linked to the gun’s serial number—allowing law enforcement to quickly link cartridge cases found at crime scenes to the gun used in a crime,” CGVS posted on X. 

However, firing pins are easily removable and swappable in firearms. And what will stop criminals who have already filed down serial numbers on lower receivers from filing down firing pins with microstamping technology?

Gun advocacy group Firearms Policy Coalition responded to CGVS’ post: “Please keep wasting your time and money on this massive failure of bullshit.”

“So, you assume a firing pin can’t be easily changed out, the microstamp code won’t wear down, files must not exist in your dream world, or the basic fact the tech doesn’t work outside of a lab setting. Add in the fact that it can be easily defeated by simply using a brass catcher or scattering someone elses brass,” an X user said. 

Maybe the microstamping technology is not entirely about actual gun safety prevention. Instead, as one X user pointed out:

“You’re forgetting that none of that is actually why they want this. It’s the beginning of making guns so expensive by having all of these added features that only rich people can have them. Eventually they’ll mandate fingerprint scan to operate and other “safety” features like this.” 

… and this. 

Remember, anti-gunner billionaire Mike Bloomberg has donated billions of dollars to ‘woke’ Johns Hopkins. Bloomberg also backs the anti-gun group Everytown. 

Billionaire elites like Bloomberg and the radical left have openly waged war on the Second Amendment. Law-abiding Americans have been panicking to purchase firearms as progressive policies in metro areas and on the southern border have failed, sparking the worst migrant and crime crisis this nation has ever experienced. 

It seems as if Democrats want to disarm law-abiding citizens via executive fiat while their failed policies only embolden criminals. 

This insanity must stop, and law and order must be revived — or risk a new crime explosion across suburbia (it’s already beginning). 


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