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More and more major corporations around the nation are learning, the hard way, that the American people are far more savvy than the media that attempts to hand-feed them.

Perhaps the most poignant example of this comes to us from the NFL, where the fans have repeatedly and sternly warned the league about allowing political protests to occur during the playing of our National Anthem – a massive and immoral sign of disrespect not only for Americans, but specifically for the men and women of the armed forces who put their lives on the line day in and day out to protect our freedoms.

By not reacting to the desires of their customers, (fans), the NFL has taken an enormous hit in revenue as former diehards are refusing to watch games on television or buy tickets to attend contests in person.  Now, 10 weeks into the 2017 circus, the NFL is reeling and attempting to find new ways to bring their bread and butter back to the table.

Keurig, a company that became famous for their liquid concentrate convenience coffee facsimile, recently caught a kerfuffle when they proclaimed that they would be suspending their advertising on the Sean Hannity program for political purposes.  Americans raged back at Keurig, demanding that the cheap java company stay out of politics, loudly declaring their disdain for the maneuver.

Now, Keurig has been forced to backtrack.

“The CEO of coffee-maker giant Keurig apologized to his employees and conservative Americans throughout the country over his company’s decision to ‘pause’ future advertisements on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, saying the ‘unfortunate’ move was ‘outside company protocol.’

“According to Business Insider, CEO Bob Gamgort sent a letter to fellow Keurig employees denouncing the decision to pull the ads over Hannity’s widely-praised interview with GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore, adding it was an ‘unacceptable situation.’

“The memo, obtained by the Washington Post, said the company was introducing new ‘safeguards’ to make sure this type of controversy won’t occur in the future.

“‘This gave the appearance of ‘taking sides’ in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on Twitter and beyond over the weekend, which was not our intent,’ Gamgort wrote.”

Once again, the massive conservative revolution taking place in America has pushed back against the media’s slanted coverage and the impact of that bias on advertisers.

The perception sold to advertisers by the mainstream media often portrays Americans as a progressive, liberal bunch who prefer convenience over hard work.  This latter bit precisely describes the Keurig model, as the company has found a way to glorify coffee made from liquid concentrate with expensive machines that simply add measured hot water to your glass and puncture the plastic, overpriced cups of putrid and pungent distillate.

Americans are not all about convenience and speed, however, as the mainstream media continues insisting.  Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to quality are far more important to U.S. citizens, so boycotting a company like Keurig, the powdered iced tea mix of coffee, was a no-brainer.

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