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‘We are tapped out’

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, D-Chicago (Video screenshot)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, D-Chicago (Video screenshot)

Chicago has been a “sanctuary city” for decades.

Officials often have talked about helping with illegal aliens who arrive in the United States without a support structure.

But talking about it and doing it apparently are two different things.

Breitbart reports that outgoing Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has sent a message to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, that he should stop sending migrants to Chicago, because “we are tapped out.”

Lightfoot said, of her letter to the governor, “We have not heard anything back. And frankly, I didn’t expect to hear anything back, but I felt like it was important to once again try to engage the governor, but also let him know what his policies and practices are doing in cities like Chicago. We are completely tapped out. We have no more space. No more resources. And frankly, we’re already in a surge. We’ve been seeing over the last two to three weeks, 200 plus people coming to Chicago every single day. We call them walk-ins, because they’re not coming on buses, but they are coming on planes from San Antonio, and we’re very concerned, because they don’t seem like they’re getting screened at the border. We’ve seen people coming with serious medical issues.”

She went on,”What’s getting lost in what the governor is doing is the fact that these are human beings. In any other emergency, you would be coordinating. You would be collaborating. You would be talking about specifically what the needs of the people are. We’ve seen people come off of these buses that he has sent who are victims of sexual assault, who have serious medical conditions that can’t be dealt with by the paramedics that we have on-site. They’ve got to be rushed to the hospital. Women who are in such an advanced stage of labor that they literally get off the bus and give birth within one of our facilities. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Lightfoot apparently would rather dump the entire load on Texas and other border states.

A commentary at Gateway Pundit explained, “The crisis at the southern border will not end until liberals feel the pain that their policies create for other states and communities, particularly at the southern border.”

Abbott’s response?

“Isn’t Chicago a sanctuary city? Isn’t that what Lightfoot has said?”

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