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OAN’s Abril Elfi
4:39 PM – Monday, July 8, 2024

Mayor Eric Adams, along with Department of Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch, revealed New York City’s first official trash bin outside of Gracie Mansion. 


Along with the new bins, officials declared that landlords of residential buildings housing one to nine units will have to switch to trash cans with safe latching lids as of November 12th.

Once the rule takes effect, officials say 70% of all trash in New York City will be containerized. 

“Many property owners already use bins for their trash and pay over $100 retail in order to keep the streets clean,” Tisch said. “Well, we’ve got great news: at the same time that we’re moving to require containerization of trash for all buildings with one to nine residential units, we’re unveiling the official ‘NYC’Bin’—beautiful, durable, and less than $50 for the most common size.”

The trash and recycling bins come in two sizes: 

  • 35 gallons, which costs $45.88
  • 45 gallons, which costs $53.01

The city also said that the cost of a 21-gallon compost bin is $43.47. As per the city, the prices are inclusive of shipping and handling and are notably cheaper than those of comparable bins found in retail stores.

According to the city, the containers will help reduce the number of rats and keep black trash bags off the streets, keeping the city’s streets cleaner.

“They are getting more and more bold,” Adams (D-N.Y.) said about the growing rodent problem. “They no longer run from you; they just hang out and do what they want. And we want to make sure that we change that in a real way.”

70% of the 14 billion pounds of trash that New York City produces annually will be containerized by November 12th, after two years of work by city officials.

“Today, we are tossing even more black bags into the dustbin of history and taking the next step forward in our ‘Trash Revolution,’” Adams said.

Buildings will have to use the official N.Y.C. bin as of June 1st, 2026, in order to enable mechanized collection using rear-loading “tipper” garbage trucks that is quicker, safer, and cleaner.

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