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Authored by Mike McDaniel via American Thinker,

Until 1996, one of the primary tactics of anti-liberty/gun cracktivists was to treat criminal misuse of guns, as well as accidents and suicides as public health matters. There was, of course, no disease vector, no virus, bacteria or parasite. There could be no vaccine, no medication, no treatment. None of that was the point. If they couldn’t disarm law-abiding Americans any other way, they’d try to do it under the “public health” banner.

Fortunately for free Americans, in 1996 this language was inserted into a budget bill:

“None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.”

That simple sentence, that law, drove supposed medical scientists obsessed with gun control underground. They still did anti-gun advocacy and “research” with public funds, they were just quiet about it, funneling money and “research” through NGOs and anti-gun groups.

Graphic: Vivek Murthy. Wikimedia Commons.Org. Public Domain.

Take the link to see an NPR article about how, for more than a quarter century, they’ve done all they can to circumvent the law. And now, the Surgeon General, in what may be the dying days of the Mummified Meat Puppet Administration, is saying the quiet part out loud. Dr. Vivek Murthy, on June 25, released a report titled “U.S. Surgeon General Issues Advisory on the Public Health Crisis of Firearm Violence in the United States.”  

Today, United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released a landmark Surgeon General’s Advisory on Firearm Violence, declaring firearm violence in America a public health crisis. Firearm violence is pervasive, with more than half (54 percent) of U.S. adults or their family members having experienced a firearm-related incident in their lives. Over the last decade, the number of people who have died from firearm-related injuries, including suicides, homicides, and accidental deaths, has been rising, and firearm violence is now the leading cause of death among children and adolescents.  

That 54% figure was derived from a telephone poll of 1271 English speakers and 73 Spanish speakers. Those doing the polling claim it is a “nationally representative sample,” but they publish nothing on the geographical distribution of the poll. Obviously, any poll that focused on blue state urban areas would produce different results than more broadly based polling. Oddly, the document is labeled “KFF Health Tracking Poll/ KFF Covid-19 Vaccine Monitor.” What that might have to do with gun issues is anyone’s guess.

The assertion “firearm violence is now the leading cause of death among children and adolescents” is likewise misleading. This is an old trick of anti-liberty/gun cracktivists. That assertion is only potentially accurate if one includes people 18+, suicides, accidents and gangs shooting each other. One would think, considering how the federal public health bureaucracy threw away its credibility over fraudulent Covid huckstering, they’d go overboard to be accurate and truthful, but they’ve obviously learned nothing.

Murthy’s report notes the “Black community endured the highest firearm homicide rates in every age group,” but doesn’t mention this is because Black criminals commit all manner of violent crimes in numbers far outstripping their numbers in the population. Nor does Murthy mention Democrats have done all they can to help those criminals, releasing them without bail, refusing to prosecute, decriminalizing crime in general, and in the rare cases where violent felons are prosecuted, imposing ridiculously light sentences.

As one might imagine, Murthy’s recommendations conform exactly to Joe Biden’s handler’s anti-liberty, unconstitutional, demands:

3. Firearm risk reduction strategies, such as:

a. Requiring safe and secure firearm storage, including child access prevention laws;

b. Implementing universal background checks and expanding purchaser licensing laws;

c. Banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines for civilian use;

d. Treating firearms like other consumer products, including requiring safety testing or safety features;

e. Implementing effective firearm removal policies when individuals are a danger to themselves or others; and

f. Creating safer conditions in public places related to firearm use and carry.

Every one of these anti-gun wish list fever dreams would violate the Bruen decision.  For example “d” is an attempt to violate The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. And “f” is a stealth for establishing “gun free” zones that would encompass entire cities, even entire states. All are an attempt to directly infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. Criminals—surprise!—don’t obey  gun laws.

It should be no surprise the Surgeon General of a lawless administration should himself violate federal law. It reminds us of this quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson: “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

We thought we had to keep a close eye on the health establishment over Covid and actual diseases. Now we have to keep an eye on them as they try to treat an unalienable, fundament right as a disease, and Americans exercising it, as a disease vector to be eradicated.

Mike McDaniel is a USAF veteran, classically trained musician, Japanese and European fencer, life-long athlete, firearm instructor, retired police officer and high school and college English teacher. He is a published author and blogger. His home blog is Stately McDaniel Manor. 


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