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New National Polls Show Trump Leading Biden in Hypothetical ‘24 Showdown oan | GLA NEWS | Shines A Light On Truth
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(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

OAN’s Daniel Baldwin
7:29 AM – Thursday, September 7, 2023

Multiple new national polls show former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in what will likely be the matchup in 2024.


A CNN poll released Thursday, conducted between August 25-31, showed Trump leading Biden 47% to 46%. This same poll showed Biden leading Trump by eight percent in October 2020. 

The poll also shows that likely voters hold a strongly negative view of Biden and his handling of the economy. Biden’s approval rating sits at 39%, down six percent since the beginning of the year. In addition, 58% of respondents believe Biden’s policies have directly worsened economic policies in the country. 

Senior Trump advisor Jason Miller says voters will be flocking back to Trump due to Trump’s economic success in his first term.

“The economy is the biggest issue in the primary,” Miller told One America News. “It’s the biggest issue in the general election. And President Trump brought about the greatest economy that we’ve had in well over a generation, one of the greatest economies we’ve had in our nation’s history. People want to get that back in place, and they want to do it right away.”

A new Premise Data poll also revealed Trump to be leading Biden by six percent in a hypothetical general election. The survey showed Trump to hold 44% of the support while Biden only reeled in 38%. 

“Democrats have just launched a $25 million ad buy focusing on swing states,” Miller explained. “This is the largest and earliest ad buy by an incumbent president ever. They’re spending $25 million in traditionally blue states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. Who are they targeting? Union workers, African Americans, Latino Americans. Democrats are in a panic.”

That same poll shows Trump leading the GOP primary by nearly 50% as well. Sixty-one percent of respondents said Trump should be the Republican nominee for president while only 12% said Florida Governor DeSantis.

Finally, an Echelon Insights poll shows Trump leading Biden 46% to 45% in a general election matchup. However, Biden would be leading DeSantis by 4% if he were to be the Republican nominee. 

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