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In this Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019, photo a woman types on a keyboard in New York. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane)

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UPDATED 5:33 PM PT — Friday, November 8, 2019

The Washington Post is coming under scrutiny after a new study found a major pay gap between some of its employees. According to the Washington Post Newspaper Guild Union, women and people of color are being paid thousands of dollars less per year than white male staffers.

The findings took a look at the last three years of data, the age group of employees in the newsroom and its marketing division. They discovered women of color were paid nearly $30,000 less than male staff. Women over the age of 40 were also discovered to make 1.5 percent less than men in the same age group.

Those behind the study hope the research will help the Washington Post change its salary review process.

President Trump called out the newspaper earlier in the week for an article alleging he asked Attorney General William Barr to host a news conference clearing him on Ukraine. He told reporters on Friday that he never made the request and said the claim is made up.

“I never asked him to have a press conference,” stated the president. “You know why I wouldn’t do it? — Because the phone call was perfect.”

He accused the Washington Post of having no sources for its claim and added that its all fiction. The Department of Justice recently released a statement regarding the transcript of the president’s call, saying it had been evaluated to not contain any campaign finance violations.

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