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As we have been documenting, now that the country is poised to enter a highly charged 2024 presidential election season (likely Biden v. Trump again), the following dictates and trends are ‘suddenly’ making a comeback

  • renewed push for Covid vaccine booster?: Check
  • masks coming back to public spaces and children’s schools?: Check
  • new MSM claims of Russia laundering propaganda through independent media sources?: Check
  • BLM and race-fueled riots in major American cities?…

This last one appears imminent, or at least just potentially around the corner, following a tragic police shooting incident of an unarmed black pregnant woman in an Ohio suburb, who immediately succumbed to her wounds.

The police body-cam footage of the killing is quickly going viral and gaining national attention, leading to intense local protests… local that is, for now.

Axios and others have documented fresh protests of increasing intensity in the township outside of Columbus where it occurred: “Police body camera footage showing a Blendon Township officer fatally shooting a pregnant Black woman has once again thrust local law enforcement into the national spotlight.”

21-year old Ta’Kiya Young died after an officer fired multiple shots through her moving car windshield at almost point blank range. She was seven months pregnant.

Kroger employees had called police to the location, accusing her of theft of alcohol. She died on the scene after the August 24 incident. But police released footage from two officer body-cams last Friday, which is now going viral.

After watching the video, Young’s family called the shooting a “hateful act” and “avoidable” – while demanding that the officer who pulled the trigger be swiftly indicted for murder. Young’s unborn daughter also died when the mother expired due to the gunshot wounds.

As an internal investigation proceeds, it seems the likely defense of the officer who pulled the trigger will be to say that he was being assaulted by a deadly weapon (namely the accelerating vehicle itself). According to local media:

In a statement on Friday, the department said the first officer, who did not fire his weapon, had his arm and hand inside the driver’s window when Young accelerated, making him a victim of misdemeanor assault. The second officer, who fired his weapon, was hit by the vehicle and a victim of attempted vehicular assault, the statement said.

…On Friday, Belford said the officer who did not fire his weapon has returned from administrative leave and is back on patrol duty.

Forbes has featured a fuller video of the lead-up, with law enforcement analysis:

It’s as yet uncertain whether Young actually stole alcohol or not (pending the investigation). Just before the shooting, she yelled back at officers that she didn’t do it.

The video has sparked fierce debate online, with many saying that this was not a “reasonable” use of deadly force. Others have have pointed to the potential for the car to have run the officer over, but at the moment the shots rang out it might be uncertain from the video the degree to which he was actually in front of the vehicle as it lurched forward. The officer may have been hit by the car. Blendon police investigators have said it is a “complex” incident. 

Axios writes that protests have begun particularly in the wake of the police shooting video emerging, and are expected to grow, given also Young’s funeral is set for Thursday

  • Police released the video on Friday, eight days after the shooting, and it spurred local protests throughout the holiday weekend. It includes graphic and violent content.
  • The largest was on Sunday, when over 100 people gathered in Goodale Park and marched through the Short North demanding justice for Young and others killed by police.

This week, more and more major media organizations and news channels are picking up the story, as the body-cam footage continues to stoke outrage. 

Are we about to witness the sudden outbreak of large-scale anti-police and BLM riots such as occurred in the summer of 2020 related to George Floyd’s death?


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